Nutrition and Fast Food Industries Assignment

Nutrition and Fast Food Industries Assignment Words: 600

His arguments are strong enough to convince the situation according to his thought. Opinions may differ as to how persuasive these arguments are, but his statistics about diabetes suggest a definite health risk. These arguments also support his larger point that lawsuits against such companies are justified. I believe that Coziness’s argument about the food companies is right because a lot of companies will not show accurate labels on food. For example, when we see the calories on any sugar free soda or food packages, it says that 0% or O gram sugar which is not right in real.

They show that O amount for just a sip f soda or a bite of food but when they make such product they do use sugar to make it which is not clearly mentioned on labels. That’s why even though a diabetic person will drink sugar free soda, he will still get sugar level in blood. This is my personal experience which makes me think about Coziness’s argument about false labels. 2. Write two different summaries of David Coziness’s “Don’t Blame the Eater”. Write the first one for an essay arguing that, contrary to what Zincked claims, there are inexpensive and convenient alternatives to fast food restaurants.

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Write the second for an essay that question whether being overweight is a genuine medical problem rather than a problem of cultural stereotypes. Summary 1 David Zincked made this point in his article titled, ‘Don’t Blame the Eater He expressed how simple it is to go and obtain cheap food at a local fast food restaurant, while it can be difficult to find healthy food that isn’t highly priced. David Zincked makes the point that many families eat at McDonald or Burger King because they don’t have the time to prepare food or they don’t eave the money for healthy quality food.

However, it is possible to go to fast food industries and order a healthier choice. For example, subway or chipolata. It may not be the healthiest choice but at least they do have vegetables and nutritive options in their food unlike in fries, coke, and a big Mac. Also, if a family makes a schedule they can most likely take turns cooking and preparing healthy food. It may take time in the beginning but will become a daily routine. Yes, groceries are expensive. However, with coupons ND places like Cam’s Club it is possible to by quality food that is healthy and not overpriced.

Summary 2 David Zincked introduced the concept in his article, “Don’t Blame the Eater. ” He states that many frequent eaters of fast food are beginning to sue the franchise because they are now considered obese due to the fast food restaurant. Fast food industries are serving food high in calorie, cholesterol, and trans fat. They do giving the customer an option of eating healthy. David Zincked is correct in stating that fast food industries try to cover up the angers of their food.

It is hard to comprehend or even find a calorie chart in the restaurant. In their advertisements they shy away from the dangers of their food. However, placing a lawsuit on the company may be a little bit extreme. It is common knowledge that fast food is not a healthy selection and that you should not eat their regularly. The fast food companies are not forcing us to eat their product that IS our choice. Yes, they should have better alternatives but shouldn’t the individual go out and find alternatives themselves.

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