Heath and Nutrition Food in McDonald’s Menu Assignment

Heath and Nutrition Food in McDonald’s Menu Assignment Words: 593

Describe the healthy meal that you have created from the fast-food restaurant using the nutritional value of menu items. A. I chose the fast food restaurant McDonald’s. have ordered a vegetarian premium wrap, a side salad, and a medium orange juice. Premium Bacon Ranch Salad (Without chicken)- 140 Calories, 7g of total fat, 300mg of sodium, log of Carbohydrates, 9g of protein, and 1 60 vitamins A. Side Salad- 20 Calories, Sodium 1 Omg Carbohydrates 4g protein lg. nd 45 vitamin A Orange Juice- 1 90 Calories, 44gof Carbohydrates, 39g of Sugar, 3g of protein, and 160 Vitamin AO B. I thought that this food choice was absolutely impressive to me because many people say that McDonalds is very unhealthy for an individual. I am blown away because this meal was very low on calories and provided very high vitamin A and a very good source of protein. In this meal combination the only thing to have any sugar was orange juice and it made up for the sugars by having an outstanding amount of vitamin A.

There was very very ittle fat associated with this meal which made this meal highly healthy and a given choice to any one individual who wants to eat healthy. Allthough there was a good amount of calcium as well with this meal. Could use more, but it is not at an alarming low level. C. Lately I have not been eating McDonalds vey often, maybe once or twice a week. have recently started to eat healthy and exercising lately, so I am definitely going to order this meal for sure I need my protein. Due to this will that the next time I order I will add chicken to this meal because chicken s very high in protein.

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All together this meal would have well over 30g of protein and with chicken it would be about 50g Of protein. Definitely will order this in the future. 2. Describe the unhealthy meal that you have created from the fast-food A. At McDonalds I have chosen the meal ofa 40 piece Chicken nugget meal, medium fry, and a medium Shamrock shake. Chicken [email protected] (40 piece)t- 1880 Calories, 1060 calories from fat, 118g of total fat, 3600mg of sodium, 118g of carbs, 87g of protein, and Iron of 25. Medium Fry- 380 Calories, 19g of total fat, 270mg of sodium, 48g of carbs, 4 protein, and 15 vitamin C.

Medium Shamrock Shake- 660 Calories, 19gtotaI fat, 210mg of sodium, 109g Of carbs, 93g of sugar, 14g of protein, and 50 calcium. B. This choice of a meal is an absolute surprise to me because this is mostly what a lot of people choose to eat. I know because I am a manager at McDonald’s and many people select this as a meal. I for one do not think this entire meal is unhealthy because there may be a lot of calories in this meal long with a lot of sodium, but there are plenty of grams of protein and a good amount of vitamins and calcium.

Im not going to say this is healthy because it is not. The carbs and the sodium are a huge factor in this meals healthiness. I would eat this meal, but would do so very rarely because eating it every day will be unhealthy for an individual. C. Finding out that this meal is packed with so much unhealthy fats and carbs is an absolute surprise to me, but what surprises me more is that the meal is also loaded with so much protein as well.

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