Factors Affecting Biodiversity Assignment

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The values that biodiversity offer are more kinds and types of food for us and animals, sufficient amounts of it, more Jobs depending on the surroundings, enables more research(which can cause health benefits), inspiration for art and music, and so much more. Some factors that affect biodiversity of species are what are around the biomass, the unnatural species living there, extreme climate changes (in general), pollution, unusual weather changes(drought, flood, snow, etc. ), littering, loss of trial resources, extinction of plants/animals, and much much more.

The difference between biotic and biotic factors in an animal’s habitat is that the biotic factors are living or have lived while the biotic factors are not living, will not live, and never have. Mostly the biotic factors would change the most in an animal’s habitat because they’re usually manmade and put there for a reason, which is not always environmentally friendly. The biotic factors may do little to no damage though considering one of the only factors that could change the habitat are humans, and usually it’s not us but our objects and need that do the most damage to the earth.

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My surroundings are fairly quiet, it’s 10:00 AM and is sort of chilly but still warm, there isn’t much noise besides the occasional talking of other people in the woods, it smells kind of musty and there are a lot of trees, water, plants, and mud, the water is polluted by the shores, there is lots of trash(I picked some up), and it’s partially cloudy but still sunny out. The place that I am at for this project is in the woods at Grace Mill. One of the biotic factors that affects the woods and its ecosystem are the cogs that walk in here and maybe drink the water, or relieve themselves, or try to attack the animals, or eat the plants.

Another biotic factor that affects the woods and its ecosystem are us humans. We may litter, step on plants, pour stuff into the water, break branches or anything wood, and much much more that we don’t even notice we are hurting until the very fragile ecosystem in this area starts experiencing problems. Some biotic factors are the road that was built right next to the forest and all of the cars that travel on it, bikes, fires, cars that are aloud to travel on the thaw, scooters, any kid of trash or recycling, and much much more that I maybe didn’t catch while in my designated area.

There are probably many objects under that soil that I didn’t see while there such as seeds, garbage, recycling, food, water, dead animals, skeletons, human waste, and possibly even more! The ways that these objects under the soil could affect the area I was in are polluting the good soil, driving animals away, ruining the water supply, stunting plant growth, killing the animals, poisoning the wildlife, and much much more.

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