Biodiversity Compare and Contrast Assignment

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English 98 27 October 2011 Compare and Contrast Conserving biodiversity should be a major concern to all humanity on this planet. Biodiversity is what sets living organisms apart from each other, mainly the reason why we have so many species roaming our world. Beyond the immediate concern with the loss of a particular population, species, or ecosystem, a focus on long-term recovery and biological revival is also essential. Humans need to play conservation offense as well as defense to keep biodiversity of species alive.

There are potential remedies for these problems, but they will take effort and determination. The drop in the number of species on the planet is likely to be a long-lasting legacy of human activities. The threat on biodiversity is a problem, establishing parks and restoring habitats can be possible solutions if and only when Impact, cost, and effectiveness are entered into consideration. Establishing parks and restoring the habitats these species are already in, highly impacts the recuperation of biodiversity.

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Biodiversity Parks allow the species to live in there natural habitats without a constant threat from humanity. Establishing parks are perfect ways to stop the attack on biodiversity mainly for the reason of the protection received, thus allowing the abundance of species to grow and regenerate without the constant abuse from humans. Restoring the habitats gives all species there natural environment back needed for the species to grow, for example creating new homes, re supplying there food sources, and so on.

With biodiversity parks the variety of species have to work with what they are given, unlike restoring there habitats species have an abundance amount of land to roam in. To rebuild biodiversity there is a cost to be paid for, it does not come free. A biodiversity park is provided funding by local governments to be established, the expenses can range from the land, the maintenance of the land and its species, and the protection required. The expenses, such as protection, are very much costly but are well worth it, without any of these expenses then the biodiversity become vulnerable to potential danger.

As well as the parks, restoring natural habitats also require government funding. To restore habitat money is needed to replenish the land to its natural state, trees have to be planted, cleaning has to be done, and man made objects distorting the land have to be removed. The cost of biodiversity parks, also known as national parks, can cost anywhere from 500 million a year to 800 million almost ranging to 1 billion dollars a year. The cost of replenishing a habitat is much easier on the price, ranging from 35 to 50 million a year, much more economical than a national park.

Both of these two solutions are effective in conserving biodiversity, mainly because they both help the species grow back into society. Although these solutions are up for the taking, they do not just happen over night they both take time to completely start the rehabilitation of the species. To rebuild a habitat fully the environment has to be back to its natural state in which biodiversity lived in. This means the foliage is matured and is capable of providing back to the environment.

For a park to be opened it first needs time to pass all legislation and to finally be approved, once the go ahead is given then can the establishment begin which also is time consuming. Unlike a national park, rebuilding an environment takes years to fully develop as it goes at its own pace. A park can take two to three years to be complete. If humanity put some effort towards conservation and kept at it our species might have a chance to recuperate. All this can be done, and until humanity opens there eyes to what is gong on around the world then we can start doing something about it.

Its going to take a while to return things to there natural state, and it needs to start soon for who knows how long we have left until we kill off our biodiversity within species. The most effective way to start the rehabilitation of biodiversity might be to restore an environment to its natural state for the reason being that the biodiversity is already there; placing a variety of species in a different location will cause the species to have to accustom themselves to their new environment, causing the rehabilitation to be prolonged.

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