Ecology Assignment

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If we don’t give importance to this, the world would suffer ND living things would disappear. If living things disappear, we will disappear. What happened with Studio Balladeers and his situation was that the police had already noticed that the two men were in charge of caring for the trees for not being destroyed, in summary, they were in charge of caring for the environment.

But the police arrested them unfairly so they could continue cutting trees. I think they were prisoners with conscience because, according to the facts, they were in the same place they saw a bunch of people walking, and then the 2 men walked off towards a doted area. And the police assumed and thought they were criminals without having any specific evidence about the occurred events.

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The main protected sanctuaries in Mexico are: * Sisal e Islets De Bah De Chemical (The islands of Islam La Appeaser, Islam Casino, Islam Matt, Islam Colorado, Islam San Pedro, Islam San Austin, Islam San And??s, and Islam Nigeria, and the islets Los Manganese, Novellas, Masc. y Submarine) * Puerco Arises in Chaps * Playa De Attire Colorado in Guerdon * Playa Phaedra De Delinquency in Guerdon * Playa Acquittal in Calico Playa De Mislay in Calico * Playa el Teacup in Calico The sanctuaries that are located in Calico are the nearest to my place of residence.

The consumerism of our society is harsh and ugly, every mass productive product you buy comes from a long way from where you bought it. First natural resources are extracted and taken to a factory where they make the products and release toxic gases to the air. Then the products are taken to the place you buy them. After you buy them, after some time you throw that away to the trash and go buy more. The rash is take to a dumpster where the trash is probably burnt and release more toxic gases.

All trucks are ten ones Tanat move ten resources, ten products, Ana ten trans, trucks release toxic gases too. This is why consumerism has an impact on nature, this complex process contaminates the earth. I think that the use of “green” products is way better than using regular products but although green products contaminate way less, they still contaminate. We need to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible because this world is going to kill us if we don’t take care of it. Global warming is the consequence of the green house effect.

This effect states that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere lets the sunrays in, but not out making the world hotter and hotter every time we contaminate it. Global warming is happening now and if we don’t do something about it the world will get so hot that the ice caps will melt and cause many natural disasters. Our carbon footprint is related to global warming because the bigger our footprint is, the more we are contributing to the global warming and the destruction of this world.

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