Contemporary Society Children and Nutrition Information Assignment

Contemporary Society Children and Nutrition Information Assignment Words: 516

Practical Activity ‘Children and Nutrition in Contemporary Society Why do young children in contemporary society require food and nutrition education? Studies have shown that eating habits are established early in the life cycle and tend to carry through until adulthood. Food that children eat will undoubtedly influence their state of health in later life. It is essential that healthy eating habits are developed early in life to encourage healthy eating as an adult.

Through the good influences and role modeling of parent’s and school providing education towards healthy eating habits, children can become more aware of the importance of good food nutrition. There are significant concerns about children’s current and future health, in particular the increase in obesity and related conditions. It’s evident that the impaired childhood growth and development that result from poor nutrition are linked to chronic disease in adulthood.

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Children who are poorly nourished particularly those who are overweight or obese, often experience significant social and psychological problems such as bullying, self- esteem issues and depression. It is important that clear and consistent education are provided to children about healthy eating so they can develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to make appropriate food choices and develop positive attitudes to diet and health. While family environments continue to be the first place children learn about food, as with other essential life skills, schools and the broader society in which we live also have a big effect.

So the draft curriculum for schools provides an important opportunity to ensure all children are taught the basic skills in feeding themselves well. Catkin Sales, teacher Saint Marks College Primary Schools said there is more health and food education being introduced into the curriculum however it is tied in with the Physical Education. Catkin said the canteen at school has introduced larger varieties of healthy foods and have limited unhealthy foods which are having a more positive effect on healthy eating choices.

Parent’s hooked lead by good example through healthy eating, exercise habits and routines. If you are a good role model, your children have a much better chance of growing up with a healthy lifestyle and habits. Children have also become less active due to transport and the increased amount of technology being made. Children are spending more time watching Television and using electronic devices then playing outside. Television can be a great influence as they advertise products with bribes such as toys and other treats.

This is educating children in the wrong way and isn’t promote healthy eating by encouraging children to want products that aren’t beneficial towards a healthy diet parent’s give in to easily to pester power when the children command what they want to eat. Children look to their parent’s as role models and are influenced by the kind of lifestyle and environment they experience in child and adolescence therefore it is important that parent’s as well as playgroups, kindergartens, and primary schools are educating and influencing healthy eating and exercise habits.

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