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Just like the plants Pollan examined, animals have adapted to their environments in order to survive, those unable to adapt and evolve would become extinct; however, those successful I. e. the human race would go on to be a dominant race. The ability to adapt in order to survive is the human instinct that allows individuals to prosper in difficult situations, those who are unable to adapt become the people who make up the bottom rung of society. The common goal of every species on planet Earth is to survive and spread it’s genetic material in order to keep the species alive.

Many species do this by adapting to the conditions they are given. People are constantly forced to adapt by superiors in order to fit an agenda. Micheal Pollan presents a similar case to this with apples, in which the fruit was genetically modified by humans to make them sweeter for mass consumption. The apple adhered to the genetic change that they underwent and were able to not only maintain their place on earth, but thrive and prosper. Similarly human beings go through the same process of being changed to fit a function in society and are forced to dapt, those successful can pass on their genetic makeup.

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In his book Micheal Pollan explains, “It has become much harder, in the past century, to tell where the garden leaves off and pure nature begins. ” In his point of view human involvement in adaption has changed the construct of the world on massive proportions. Most of the human race also value the uniformity and conformity and pressure unique individuals to change their ways to conform to the masses. In order to avoid adversity the masses force the “others” who threaten the peace to adhere to their ideals.

Micheal Pollan also presents this concept in his book when he mentions how potatoes where genetically modified to fit consumer use; however, in these cases the forced adaption is a somewhat fails because as one problem was solved others arose. When humans genetically modified potatoes they lost the unique genetic trait that keep potato plants from becoming sick and pesticides had to be used to keep the plants healthy, likewise, when the outcasts of the world are made to conform extra measures go into making sure they stay conforming.

Although most eople are technically able to adapt to the masses their true identity still lies within and threatens to come out. However, not everyone is able to adapt and continue to hold a place in the world. Like Pollan states “The tulip has been reinvented every century or so to reflect our shifting ideals of beauty. ‘ unlike the tulip, not everyone is able to be so fluid and change along with the perception of the masses. More often, people fade into obscurity when they don’t change.

This concept of the need to adapt to maintain relevance is most ommonly seen in popular culture, artists who are able to change as times are maintain relevant, but those who don’t become a fad that is looked back on as laughed at. A primary example of an artist who is able adapt as times change is Beyonc??, a world renown artists that is able to change with the times and therefore able to conquer the music industry. The opposite of Beyonc??’s long lasting conquer could be represented by Carly Rae Jepsen who’s popularity in the music industry ended before it could even start because of her lack off trying to adapt to the times.

The ability to adapt is irectly connected to the prosperity of species. Individuals who aren’t able to adapt at the face of adversity become the failed trials of the human world. The only way to thrive and prosper is by means of adaption, which has been proven by all the species who remain alive on the earth and all their ancestors who’ve become extinct when facing challenges involving the need to adapt. The difference between the successful people in the world and the failures of the same is the ability to adapt. As H. G. Wells said, “Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative. “

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