Investing in the Stock Market: Threatening and Complex Task for New Investors Assignment

Investing in the Stock Market: Threatening and Complex Task for New Investors Assignment Words: 1014

INTRODUCTION Investing in the stock market can be a threatening and complex task for many new investors. Investing brings a considerable amount of rewards, as well as risks. So, before putting your hard-earned savings on the line, why not practice with a simulator so that we will able to know how we invests our money at the right time and at the right place. Our Simulator uses real data from the stock markets in order to reproduce the experience of using a real online brokerage account. Users are provided with a virtual cash balance and can place virtual trades using real market data.

The simulator is used for a variety of reasons: educators use it as a tool to introduce students to the stock market, some employ it to test new investing strategies, and others use it to experience what it “feels like” to place a trade. Regardless of your current level of financial knowledge, the Simulator can help make you a better investor. In this game, I have select “Investopedia Game 2013 No End” and then select the option of free 100000$ to start the game and to learn how the market work in real trade market in the world.

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In start of the game I was not being able to understand that how I buy or sell the share and in which rate so, it was very difficult for me that is why I made some mistakes in early in this game but when I spend some time on it I feel that its good but high risk factor involve in it, but, it is good experience and I gain very use full knowledge from it. Member Since: 2013 Experience: Beginner Primary Investing Style(s): Growth Investor Time Horizon: Short-term Trader EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As a learner the basic objective for this simulator was to learn some strategies and ain some knowledge that how the stock market run in real world.

It is surprise to know that this type of business transfer poor man to a wealthy man and same wealthy person become poor this in short span of time. At the start of this game I could not understand that how this game work but time by time I spend some time to search options and learn some trade type and option those searching help me throughout the game. Stock market is totally unpredictable it changes many time in but if you could understand the fluctuation of the market you will bear a serious loss.

The best thing which I was learn in this simulator that when share of the particular company goes down then you have to buy the share but you must know the company trade history and it would help you for getting profit. TRADE HISTORY (JUSTIFICATION) Date Trade Type Symbol Quantity Price Commission Total Cash Value Account Value 6/17/2013 9:58 AM Stock: Buy at Market 200 $23. 91 $19. 99 $4,801. 99 $100,000. 00 Transaction History Date – Time Amount Purchase Share Price Purchase Amount Adjusted Purchase Price 6/17/2013 9:58AM $ 4782 $4782

I start Investopedia with small order quantity so I purchase facebook share which is declining at that time so it is good time for invest some amount to earn. Date 6/27/2013 9:58 AM Stock: Sell at Market $24. 24 $4,828. 01 $100,990. 53 TRANSACTION JUSTIFICATION: Due to risk factor I thought that this share is not increases more than 24. 24 so that I have decided that to sell out the share. $69. 75 $34894. 99 $99,970. 07 $34875 2) TRANSACTION JUSTIFICATION: Secondly I purchase some shares of RH which worth $69. 75 it is huge amount for me o invest but as I seen before this company has the potential to increases its market value.

Date 6/18/2013 9:58 AM $70. 15 $35,055. 01 $99,263. 06 When I purchase that share I assume that it will increases up to 72 but it only increases 35 cent so due high risk I sold it. GRPN 2000 $15????59. 99 $99,554. 58 $7. 67 $1 5340 3) Transaction Justification: When I Join Investopedia I bought various shares of different company and (GRPN) is one of them I purchase that share due to less share price so I bought 2000 shares. $8. 48 $16,940. 01 $100,952. 52 I have seen that after ten days the shares of that company reaches its peak it is good time for me to sell it either its goes down again so I sold it.

VOD $28. 57 $14,504. 99 $99????03. 03 6/18/2013 9:58AM $14285 4) TRANSACTION JUSTIFICATION: I purchased another stock due to attractive call prices of VOD as well as increasing portfolio of the stock shares. This time I paid 28. 57 per share and 19. 99 commissions which total value 14504. 99. 7/12/2013 IO:OOAM $29. 35 $14,655. 01 $103,137. 14 After the purchase of one month I decided to sell this stock because two or three ime I observed that the price of this share is not change so I thought that it is the time to sell it keep my money back to my account.

SYMC $22. 32 $11,179. 99 $99,253. 04 $11160 5) TRANSACTION JUSTIFICATION: Now I can say that I understand this game somehow because my game is going according to my requirement and expectation so I want to purchase more share of well known company which is SYMC I decided to purchase 500 shares at the cost $11179. 99. Date $23. 69 $11,825. 01 $103,107. 15 After a long period of time about 1 month I decided to sell it as I knew that the arket value of this share is decreasing but it added $645. 02 in my account before its fall.

YHOO 1 ooo $26. 57 $26,584. 99 $100,238. 07 $26570 6) TRANSACTION JUSTIFICATION: After the purchase of SYMC shares and increment in its price I decide to purchase on another stock on option this time I select yahoo for call option but this time I purchase 1000 share because it is well known company I assume that it may increases my account. Date 7/12/2013 10:OOAM $27. 08 $27,060. 01 $103,117. 16 It was disappointing for me because I thought I earn lots of money due to this share ut I only earn $475. 1 but it’s happen because of my lackness before purchase I must know the market condition of this firm. NWSA $31. 25 $31,269. 99 $100,523. 09 6/24/2013 9:58 AM $31. 35 $6,289. 99 $95,876. 10 $31250 6/24/2013 9:58AM $6270 7) TRANSACTION JUSTIFICATION: After some transaction I was more confident than I decided to purchase some more shares so that firstly I purchased 1000 shares of NWSA at the rate of $31. 25 and buy more 200 share of the same company at the rate of $31. 35. This stock seems good to me and I estimates that minimum it would increases to 32. 75.

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