The Los Angeles Basin Pollution Problems Assignment

The Los Angeles Basin Pollution Problems Assignment Words: 331

The significant air pollution problem in the Los Angles Basin has been one of the most severe environmental issues that concerned the society. Due to the American tradition, public transportations are not so commonly used; therefore, a majority of the individuals owned a car. The most commonly used transportation is the convenient motor vehicles that are driven everywhere.

With the high volume of traffic daily, the tremendous amount of air pollution that is produced by highly-polluted vehicles are growing at an exponential rate Although the government has been putting a massive mount of work into preventing additional air pollution from being continuously produced and also trying to wipe Out the polluted air that already existed, it is still the most challenging environmental issue in America.

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Statistically proven that “in Southern California, episodic outdoor levels of ozone (03), particulate matter less than 10 microns in diameter (IMO), and nitrogen dioxide (NON) historically have been among the highest in the United States, and they continue to exceed federal and state clean air guidelines. ” (Junkie et al. , 2003, p. L) CAUSE Historically, n he first recognized episodes of smog in Los Angles occurred in the summer of 1943.

Visibility was limited to only three blocks and residents suffered from smarting eyes, respiratory discomfort, nausea, and vomiting… Smog events contain dude to plague Los Angles throughout the 1 9405. ” “The City of Los Angles began its air pollution control program in 1945, establishing the Bureau of Smoke Control in its health department. On June 10, 1947. ” “During the sass and sass, air pollution control focused on obvious sources, such as backyard burning and incinerators, open burning at airbag dumps, and smoke emissions from factories.

During the sass and sass, local air quality officials implemented the use of vapor recovery equipment for the bulk transfer of gasoline, regulated petroleum-based solvents, and required permits for rendering plants that processed animal waste. Starting in 1970, the federal government phased out lead in gasoline.

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