Biodiversity Assignment

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Environmental pollution and control 4. Social issues in relation to development and environment . Human population and environment Career Options: 1. Research and development in environment 2. Green Advocacy 3. Green marketing 4. Green Media 5. Environmental Consultancy Importance: Whatever be the occupation or age of a person, he will be affected by environment and also he will affect the environment by his deeds. To mark some important aspect or issue of environment we internationally observe international calendar 1. World wetland day Feb. 2 2.

World forest day March 21 3. Earth day April 22 4. Ozone week septet 16-23 5. Anti-tobacco day May 31 Global vs. local Nature Of Environment. Issues like global warming, Depletion of ozone layer, dwindling forests and energy resources, loss of global biodiversity etc. Which are going to affect the mankind as a whole are global in nature and for that we have to think and plan globally. Some issues have localized importance. E. G. Impact of mining or hydro- electric project in an area, problems of disposal, management of solid wastes and river or lake pollution.

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Individualistic Nature of Environment: Environmental Studies is very important since it deals with the most mundane problems of life where each individual matters, like dealing with fee and clean drinking water, hygienic living conditions, Clean and fresh air, fertile land, healthy food and sustainable development.

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