A Summary of Protecting Biodiversity through Science Assignment

A Summary of Protecting Biodiversity through Science  Assignment Words: 350

“Heal the world; make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race. ” Man can do or undo the environment. Crimes, wars, poverty, pollution – name it, the world has it. It is a sad truth universally accepted that humans are the primary cause of these problems. It cannot be denied that human activities further uphold problems detrimental to the environment and to the whole community as well. To solve or minimize these problems, self-discipline must be everybody’s concern.

Man knows what is right or wrong, so the right must prevail in his system. Biodiversity loss is caused by humans and their activities. Thus, man must think of ways beneficial to the conservation and protection of the environment. Let us pay off our debts to the environment. We owe our environment a lot. This can be done by merely starting at home. Let’s help keep our surroundings clean always. Environmental sanitation at home will keep us free from pollution that Will hinder the growth Of bacteria that Will affect our health.

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With this, we can still breathe fresh air and live a contented life. Technology, in one way is harmful and causes lots Of stress to the environment, thus promoting biodiversity loss. As human population increases, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation became rampant. Therefore, let’s make use of technology to help save the environment and biodiversity, as a whole. Planting more trees and more crops that will help screen impurities in the air and water is one great way, for this will balance the increase in human population.

Biodiversity supports almost all life forms and a number of natural ecosystem processes. There should be awareness of what happens in the ecosystem. Man must see to it that there is ecological balance. What is lost should be gained. What is destroyed should be replenished, Science and technology can help save and protect biodiversity. The knowledge and ideas imparted by science is essential for us to know how to manage and conserve the world’s species.

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