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What amino acid(s) is/are involved in crosslink polypeptide chains. How can these crosslink be cleaved and prevented from reforming? 3) A polypeptide is subjected to the following degradation techniques results in polypeptide fragments with the indicated amino acid sequences.

What is the amino acid sequence of the entire polypeptide? A) Trying digestion: 1) Glen-Met-Lays 2) Sly-Met-Asp-lee-Lays 3) Phew-Ala-Met-Lays 4) Try-Rag B) Cyanogens bromide treatment: 5) Asp-Ill-Lays-Glen-Met 7) Lays-Phew-Ala-Met 8) Try-Rag-Sly-Met 4) While on an expedition to the Amazon Jungle, you isolate a polypeptide you suspect of being the growth hormone of a newly discovered species of giant spider. Unfortunately, your portable senator was so roughly handled at the airport that is refuses to provide the sequence of more than four consecutive amino acid residues.

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Nevertheless, you persevere and obtained the following data: Hydrolysis’s: Vale Dandy’s chloride treatment followed by acid hydrolysis: Dandy’s-Pro Trying digestion followed by Demand degradation of the separated fragments: Sly-Lays Phew-lee-Vale Pro-Sly-Ala-Rag Seer-Rag A) Provide as much information as you can concerning the amino acid sequence of the polypeptide. B) Considering the poor condition of you senator, what additional analytical technique would most conveniently permit you to complete the sequence determination of the polypeptide?

C) Suggest two ways that you would use to separate the tropic peptides mentioned above if you needed large quantities of each peptide. If you needed only analytical quantities of the peptides.

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