Lab Three Biochemistry Assignment

Lab Three Biochemistry Assignment Words: 449

After having reviewed the information in you text, and the links provided below, devise a test for proteins. (You do not have to actually do this experiment, Just tell me how you would do it if you were in a lab) Your answer should contain the following sections: Goal of the experiment Materials and Equipment Needed Procedure Data Conclusions ( you can use a table to tabulate your procedure, data, and conclusions) Question 2 Create a similar experiment to indicate the presence or absence of carbohydrates, specifically for starches and sugars.

You do not have to actually do this experiment, lust tell me how you would do it If you were In a lab) You will need a deferent reagent for each. Explain dehydration and hydration reactions. Insert a diagram. You can probably find one online. Question 3 What are lipids? Explain their properties. Do the following experiment and report your findings: Place a small drop of water on a paper towel (or brown paper). Describe the immediate effect. Place a small drop of vegetable oil on the paper towel. Describe the immediate effect. Tit for 15 minutes for the paper to dry. Evaluate which substance penetrates the paper and which substance evaporates. Record your observations in the table below: Sample Observations Conclusions Oil spot Question 4 Lipids are monopole and therefore do not dissolve in water. Emulsifiers are molecules have both polar and monopole parts and thus are capable of dissolving in or interacting with both lipids and water. When emulsifiers are mixed with lipids and water, they may act to suspend small droplets of the lipid in water.

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The lipid is not dissolved in water, but is broken into smaller fragments that may remain suspended for long periods of time. Bile salts are emulsifiers that are produced by the liver and assist in the digestion of lipids by enabling lipids to be broken up into small particles so that enzymes can break them down quicker. Twine and liquid soap used in the experiment below are emulsifiers. 1 . Add 2 CM of vegetable oil to two test tubes and add another 2 CM of water to each tube.

Describe what happened to the oil and water mixture. 2. Add two drops of a liquid soap solution. 3. Cap each test tube with your thumb and shake them vigorously. Observe each of the tubes immediately after shaking. Put the tubes in a rack and observe them after 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 30 minutes. Record your observations in table 4. Below: The tube on the right contains oil and water. The one on the left contains oil, water, and a detergent. Both tubes were shaken to mix the oil and water.

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