Biochemistry Personal Statement Assignment

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My curiosity grew when I saw my sister suffering from sickle cell crisis. If immediate help was not give, she would not have been able to survive, with the main help she needed was drugs. Hours later, she seems perfectly normal and that is when I asked myself, “how? ” This Is one of the many reasons why I want to pursue a degree In biochemistry; to study chemical processes in the body. However, it is my studies over the past years that have helped me realism that I have natural instincts for science. I have always been Interested In biology ever since I found out what It meant.

At first, I thought chemistry was not something would be interested, but when I studied it in triple science for GEESE, I have discovered that is astonishingly fascinating. Studying them as A-levels gave me the opportunity to study In-depth, Intensifying my Interest. Combining biology and chemistry would make a great combination, as it appeals to me and something that I would love to study. My interest in science is beyond the classroom. In school, I have been a mentor, helping the lower years with math and also any personal problems.

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I had to help them cope with any difficulties they had, whether it was math or at home. This experience enhanced my confidence and communication skills and the ability to explain and teach something Improved further. As well as being part of the social committee in school, have also been nominated to be head girl. This demonstrates my ability to work in a team and under pressure. From these. I gained interpersonal and organizational skills and will bring me great advantage when I attend university.

I took on many other roles that helped e to a great extent; one of them is being a senior prefect. This involved being punctual to all meetings and being highly responsible. Dedicated and an enthusiastic person. I wanted to help and contribute to my school by being an active member. As well as in school, I have organized many other volunteering roles for myself in order to help me gain valuable experience and have also attended many talks and lectures that broadened my knowledge on various subjects to help me to decide on the subject I want to study at nun.

I am going to volunteer at Sofas to help boost my communication skills and will start working at a children disabled house. I also volunteer at Northward park Hospital’s cafe which involves greeting customers in a friendly way and showing appropriate customer service. I worked 6 weeks in Boots pharmacy and it improved my teamwork skills. This transferable skill Is vital when working alongside other students at nun. In the pharmacy, I saw so many people that were dependent on the many different sorts of drugs available.

The way the drugs work In the body that help them survive and carry out normal daily activities fascinated me. As well as concentrating on gaining many experiences, I make sure that I priorities my studies by constructing a study timetable as this would help me manage my time efficiently and productively. The subjects that have chosen to study bring out my true potential and help me challenge myself. From biology, I learnt analytical skills that help me interpret graphs. From chemistry, I took away the skill of robber solving, Improving my own learning and applications to real life.

Studying psychology involves remembering numerous studies in great depth. I developed on my problem solving skills further and the ability to answer complex questions it comes to teamwork, I am the most enthusiastic person and most likely to be the person leading the group. At nun, I will work to the highest standard and will stretch myself as much as I can. I am a motivated, responsible, mature and determined person who is certain that biochemistry in the right course for me.

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