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Is more stable when binding to an enzyme than the normal substrate. B. Resembles the active site of general acid-base enzymes. C. Resembles the transition-state structure of the normal enzyme-substrate complex. D. Stabilizes the ground state for the normal enzyme-substrate complex. E. Typically reacts more slowly with an enzyme than the normal substrate. 6. Which amino acid is modified in the conversion of promoting to thrombi? A. Glycerin B. Elaine Argentine D. Aspartic acid E. Glutamine acid 7. Which of the following statements about electric control of enzymatic activity is rue?

A. Electric activators increase the Km of the substrate. B. Electric proteins are generally composed of multiple subunits. C. An effectors may only inhibit the activity of an enzyme. Binding of an effectors changes the amino acid sequence of the enzyme molecule. D. E. An electric effectors competes with the substrate for binding the active site. In competitive inhibition, an inhibitor: 8. A. Binds at several different sites on an enzyme. B. Binds covalently to the enzyme. C. Binds only to the SE complex. D. Binds reversibly at the active site. E. Were the characteristic Km of the substrate. Which amino acid will most likely be found in a 0 turn? 9. A. 5-OH lysine praline B. Throne C. Serine . Glutamine Questions 10 through 12 will require use of the following responses: A. 10. 11. 12. 13. Streptomycin’s Capacitor Warfare Beta lactose Glycoside trepidations Inhibits the conversion of Negotiations I to Negotiations II Enzyme that inactivates penicillin A vitamin K antagonist Which is true about the peptide bond? R groups are usually in the trans-configuration. It is formed by acidic amino acids only

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It has some triple-bond character. D It is Dunn only in 0-Niles E. It is found only in 0-sheets 14. The antioxidant enzyme Superposed diastase requires Men+ for catalysis. When the enzyme is lacking manganese, it would be referred to as the: appointee commence. Holocene. Prosthetic group. . Substrate. Which tripped will most likely line the opening of a CLC- channel? 15. His-Lays-Rag Sly-Pro-Rag Asp-Trip-Try Asp-Ala-Glue E. Eel-Vial-Phew Which amino acid’s may be modified by phosphorescently? 16. Tyrosine D. A, B, and C E. A and B Which one of the following statements is true of enzymes?

A. They bind to 17. Substrates, and are covalently attached to substrate or product. B. They increase the equilibrium constant for a reaction, thus favoring product formation. C. They increase the stability of the product of a desired reaction by allowing summarizations not normally available to substrates. D. To be effective they must be present at the same concentrations as their substrates. E. They lower the activation energy for the conversion of substrate to product. 18. Which of the following is classified as a hydroelectrically? A. Glycogen B. Cellulose

C. Amylase D. Heparin E. Amplification 19. The molecule is used to assess compliance in diabetic patients. An acceptable value is approximately B. Hob; . A. Hibachi; D. Hibachi; E. Hob; 100% Which amino acid is crucial for the catalytic activity of HIVE proteases? 20. Mothering Aspartic acid Lucien . Cytosine Which agent inhibits glycoside trepidations of bacterial cells? A. 21. Backtracking B. Penicillin C. Aspirin D. Valiancy E. Mothering Which natural peptide is important for uterine contractions? Intrastate Insulin Corporations Extinction E. Brandywine

Which of the following is an example of irreversible covalent modification? 22. 23. Trapshooting 0 trying Prolusion 0 insulin Cytosine 0 Sistine Select the true statement about hemoglobin 24. Hob transports carbon monoxide from tissues to the lungs. Fetal hemoglobin has a lower affinity for oxygen than Hob. C. That contributes to Hobs is found in the beta-globing chain. Hob is used to monitor patients with malaria. . Hob has two alpha and four beta chains. Which of the following pairs function as a buffer? 25. HACK/HACK- HAPPY-/HAPPY- The mutation D. HCI/CIA- E. HUH+/OH-

Irritation is an inhibitor of: 26. Callousness’s Hessians Zinc proteases Phosphates AY E. HIVE protease Select the correct statement. 27. A. The scat may exceed the diffusion control limit for an enzyme-substrate interaction. B. Km describes the catalytic efficiency of the enzyme. C. Km is the concentration of substrate required to achieve Vamp. D. scat describes the turnover number of an enzyme. E. scat describes the catalytic efficiency of an enzyme. 28. In sickle cell disease a mutation in the DNA results in a change of the beta globing chain. The amino acid silicone B.

Valise; glutamine acid C. Aspartic acid; valise D. Glutamine acid; valise E. Cytosine; mothering is changed to A. Lucien; 29. Which vitamin is an essential cofactor for alkyl hydroxyls? A. Vitamin A B. Vitamin E C. Vitamin D D. Vitamin C E. 82 30. Which agent inhibits the activity of callousness’s? Penicillin Aspirin Pantomimic . Mothering Which amino acid will be a helix destabilize? 31. Praline Glycerin 32. A 65-year-old man complains of back pain and has difficulty urinating. Laboratory examination reveals an elevated acid phosphates and alkaline hospitals.

What is the likely diagnosis? A. Cancer of the kidney B. Obstructive Jaundice C. Myopia D. Metastasis prostate cancer E. Osteoporosis 33. Select the true statement about mycologist. A. At low oxygen pressure, mycologist has a higher affinity for oxygen than hemoglobin. B. Mycologist consists of hem plus four polypeptide chains. C. Mycologist transports oxygen from the lungs to muscle tissue. D. Binding of oxygen to mycology displays sigmoid kinetics E. The hem component of mycologist binds copper instead of iron. 34.

Which of the following peptides (at physiological pH) would have least problem crossing the cell membrane? Seer-Try-Rag-His Pro-Rag-lays-Glue Lays-Rag-Asp-Lays Trip-Eel-Thru-Phew . Thru-Seer-Try-Rag Which of the following is not considered as a weak interaction in proteins? 35. 36. Van deer Walls forces hydrogen bonds ionic bonds peptide bonds hydrophobic interactions Which part of an antibody has the most affinity for the antigen? A. Bonds B. Amino end C. Carboy end D. Hinge region 37. The agent disproportionately (DEEP) inactivates the enzyme Disulfide by arming a covalent bond with a A. Heroines; streptomycin’s B. Psychotherapist’s; serine C. Psychotherapist’s; throne residue in the active site. 1 antisepsis; mothering . Negotiations converting enzyme; glycerin Glycogen is a polymer of: 38. Fructose glucose-I-phosphate sucrose 0-C)-glucose E. 0-C)-glucose In a globetrotting, the carbohydrate may be attached to the amino acid: 39. Argentine aspartame aspirating glycerin, . Cytosine Which of the following is part of the structural component of bacterial cell wall? 40. Glycogen chitin hallucinate starch E. Pedagogical

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