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These well designed overall marketing strategy, making It difficult for some local rand to maintain. Sport shoes market, for example, before Nikkei, Aids, and other international brands entering the Chinese market, is the most popular brand of sneakers In China, Warrior’ sneakers are manufactured by the Chinese manufacturers, with more than 40-year history. Warrior@ has many advantages, lightweight, durable, cheap. Famous NAB star Way Mining liked to wear Warrior@ sneakers in his boyhood. But as the China’s economic development, many globe famous brand sneakers enter the market, gradually Warrior@ fades out the market.

The case of Warrior@ is a good illustration, creating value for customers and build teeter customer relationships, It’s the way that manufacturers to get benefits from customers In return. Compare with Nikkei, warrior’ sneakers are lack of competitive advantage, Warrior@ Just have few choice of style, and no brand image. It is clear that consumers are more like Nikkei. The slogan—Just Do It, attract more and more young persons, as well as more comfortable and fashionable wearing experience with Nikkei.

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So, consumers prefer to spend hundreds of dollars to buy Nikkei sneakers, and don’t want to take Warrior@ although it just cost dozens of RMI. There Is a Chinese proverb, “nice wine is not afraid of lanes deep”, which means that o don’t need to do anything for good products. People will find you. Nearly 20 years, we can see that many local centennial brands slowly disappear in China. Why these classic brands can’t be sustainable development. It’s time for them to truly think about consumer demand, and what value they can bring to consumers. I think they should learn more about the consumers to dig and create value for them.

Customer Survey We hope our products can meet the needs of every consumer, so that the company can obtain maximum sales. But In real life, for a product, the company have to select argent customers. Which customer we should select, and which customer we do not Many years ago, I serviced for TOP China headquarters, and accidentally involved in consumer research of Shines shampoo. At that time, household goods marketing team tried to make decision which aromatic type for Shines. They sprayed a number of various formulations on cards, then asked female employees to choose their favorite flavor.

At TOP (CHINA) headquarters, there are about 50 office ladies, mostly between the ages of 20-30, Just to be the target customers of Shines. This research saved tens of hosannas of RMI customer survey costs, while getting fairly accurate customer information. According to survey results, most of the young women have chosen the rose essential oil fragrances. Although I still don’t like this fragrance, but the shampoo really has been a success in the market, company has gotten benefits by Shines series shampoo at all times. The girls like Shines shampoo very much, when their hair flies up, gives Off rose scent.

Shiner’s promotion activities are very interesting. Promoters fully demonstrate the special aroma of Shines, they use Shines shampoo to wash their hair the day before rumination day, and let customers can smell the rose flavor at the promotion scene. Obviously, customer insights is the way to help companies create more value for customers, meet the needs of customers, in return , customers will reward benefits. Segment Marketing We know we are unable to meet the needs of all consumers, as well as we cannot satisfy all consumer needs.

So companies must make sure what they can do. It is necessary for market segment. In different market segments, a company must look at three factors: segment size and growth potential, segment structural attractiveness, and the company’s objectives and resources. After evaluating different market segments, the target market is which segmentation markets we decided to enter. Last summer I wanted to change my car, after compared several different brands of SUB, including BMW, VOLVO, Audio, and Lexus, Cadillac, finally, I selected the Cadillac SIR.

I was attracted by the brand idea of Cadillac: belief, create, own. The product position fit for the customers like me acting as senior positions at company. I like the Cadillac SIR spokesman Karen very much, she is a modern stylish women with unique qualities. And diamond cutting SIR front face is also very unique. Although the SUB has always been man’s favorite, but Cadillac has successfully attracted female customers. Cadillac showed some successful women images in their Crux’s DAM. Him, I found it’s completely different segmentation market of Cadillac in the United States and in China.

In the United States, Cadillac is a 40-year history of the brand, so they locked in the target market with the nostalgia middle-aged and elderly consumers. In China, the brand history is not very understood by customers, so they decided to lock target market for successful people with unique tastes, the customers of age at around 30-40. At Cadillac’s AS shops, you can see engraved wall, on which listing many famous successful persons’ name who were used to have Cadillac, such as presidents, singers, film stars and so on, it make every Cadillac owner full of pride.

By this case, the same brand in different geographical demographic and cultural environment, the target markets are different. UP Marketing Mix Marketing mix, the tactical tools that marketers used to implement their strategies and deliver customer value. UP is a core component of the marketing plan. UP refers to the product, price, place and promotion. When discussing about UP with my league, he referred C of the marketing mix what corresponding to the UP.

So I find some sac’s information, the following table is a simple comparison with UP and C: up C Product Product systems, product line, product positioning Customer Research the needs of the customers desire, make appropriate product Price Price system, price policy Cost The price customer is willing to pay Place Channel sales strategy Convenience Customers easy to access products Promotion Promotion strategy Communication Companies actively establish new relationships with customers C was raised after the UP of marketing theory. The traditional UP pays more attention to its own policies.

On the contrary, the core idea of C is that companies should be concerned about the interests of consumers, creating value for consumers. UP theory in practice is constantly in the process of development, today we can see the UP core idea of marketing mix and C are consistent. Product Product is usually the ops first and basic marketing consideration. What is the product? The question seems to be very simple. Through learning, we understand that products and service fall into two broad classes based on the types of consumers that use them—consumer products and industrial products.

Consumer products include convenience products, shopping products, specialty products, and unsought products. And the three groups of industrial products and civvies include materials and parts, capital items, and supplies and services. Three-level of products and services is great inspiration to me. The most basic level is augmented product. That marketers must first identify what is the core values that customers want to seek from the product, and then design the actual product, find path to create customer value. I remember that how TOP China design OUR (k) sanitary pads from the respective of customer experience.

It was the first day I worked for the TOP, on the sidewalk I saw some male colleagues take sanitary pads on their hand, I was very surprised. Few days later I know that women and children products team was developing the new sanitary pads products. The core value of OUR series products is to make women feel soft and comfortable in use, and female consumers don’t worry skin allergy. So marketers continue to confirm whether women have a better experience or not. In order to ensure that OUR does not cause allergy, sanitary pads made by 100% virgin pulp, o that pads do not need to be bleached.

Bleaching sanitary pads will cause an allergic reaction. The marketing team present OUR sanitary pads to female colleagues and their girlfriends, and apply focus group interviewing to understand the real experience. The marketing team research each detail for sanitary pads, such as reasonable length in different amount of menstruation, water-absorption factor, adhesive on back of pads and so on. So OUR is the product based on best experience of female customers. In fact, OUR has been in China for 20 years, and always loved by the female customers.

Brand Brand is the intangible assets of companies, more viable than tangible assets such as plant and equipment. In China, there are many century-brand. I currently serve for Kantian Pharmacy, a traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing enterprises. So I would like to give you a few century brands still operating in this area of traditional Chinese medicine, to illustrate that the brand can establish much longer and stronger customer relationships. JUJU CHI TANG GUAN YOU YUAN TONG RENE TANG The brand of GUAN YOU YUAN was created in 1541 (Mining dynasty), it has 470 years history.

JUJU Chi Tang brand, formerly known as “JUJU Chi Tang herbal drug store”, founded in 1650, and more than 360 years. Tong Rene Tang was founded in 1669, beginning in 1723, in period of 188 years Tong Rene Tang had supplied Imperial medicine for eight generations Emperor of the King dynasty , has the history of more The success of these brands of traditional Chinese medicine, inspirit Kantian Pharmacy to create new brand of Suntan capsules (I*AS’) which is similar with Dinning pill of GUAN YOU YUAN, Dinning pill began in 1739, a 270-year history.

At the Palace Imperial physician used this pill to treat female abnormal menstruation. Kantian pharmacy is committed to building a brand of traditional Chinese medicine that could be handed down. The brand has been designed to show the faith of our company: long history, classic formula and culture heritage. Brand name, we extracted it from the ancient Chinese philosopher Ala Tutu’s theory of Well Done Like Water. The brand name contains the balance principle of traditional Chinese medicine, and the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine that means medicine application should be according to the indicates .

Brand strategy of Kantian Pharmacy has Just started, we hope that Well Done Like Water passed our idea to the consumer: classic recipes, safe, effective, quality medicinal material. Promotion Building good customer relationships call for more than Just developing a good product, pricing it attractively, and making it available to target customers. Companies also communicate their value propositions to customers, and what they communicate should not be left to change.

Company’s promotion mix (also called marketing communication mix) consists of the specific blend of advertising, public relations, sales promotion , personal selling , direct-marketing tools that company uses to persuasively communicate customer alee and build customer relationships. Today, more companies are adopting the concept of Integrated marketing communication (MIMIC) , the company carefully integrates its many communications channels to deliver a clear, consistent, and compelling message about the organization and its brands.

Ads might be the most expensive ways of customer communication. With the development of science and technology, the Internet and mobile devices are getting closer to people’s live. With the new media tools appearing, how to combine traditional media tools such as TV, printed ads, outdoor tools, with the new media lolls consists of internet, mobile phone and so on, this is the new challenge to marketers.

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