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Explain why specific products have a higher demand on certain occasions The product that I have selected is tangerine and clothing. Firstly, tangerine is the products that will be have higher demand during Chinese New Year. During Chinese New Year is a high yield of tangerine and tangerine represents Luck. For example, during Chinese New Year Singapore will took a charming little tape, containing two tablets of tangerine as a New Year gift, two tablets tangerine symbol of “good luck”, “two tablets of gold”, “good pairs” and multiple meaning. Therefore, a lot of consumers will buy the tangerine during Chinese New Year.

And not Just only Chinese people buy, there will also have Malay and India people will buy it. The reason why a lot of consumers will buy the tangerine, it’s because tangerine has high water content, nutritious, containing high vitamin C, citric acid, glucose and ten kinds of nutrients. It can benefit to our body, especially for patients suffering from chronic hepatitis and high blood pressure, eat tangerine can improve liver detoxification, accelerating the conversion of cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis. Furthermore, most the tangerine is produced in China, and all the consumers can buy the tangerine in cheaper prices.

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Secondly, clothing will have higher demand during Chinese New year. During Chinese New Year, all the people will wear new clothes, which represent “remove the old and welcoming something new’. Therefore, many Clothing store will have a big promotion, to attract more customers, and this will also attract Malay and India people to buy new clothing. In additional, Clothing store have their own big promotion is also because their need to empty their old stock on every end of the year. Furthermore, most famous brand will have their strongly advertising by using radio, television, websites, leaflet, and so on.

Generally in the Chinese New Year, all the clothes are up to 50% discount, and this are the main reason why got a lot of consumer’s buy new clothing. During the Chinese New Year many consumers can have their new clothing in lower prices. In conclusion, during Chinese New Year the two types of specific products are tangerine and clothing. These two products are the higher demand and lower prices during the Chinese New Year. In additional, that the retail shop which is selling tangerine and Clothing shop which is selling clothes will get the higher profile during the Chinese New Year.

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