Iphone marketing in china Assignment

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It can reduce the cost of promotion. Then, phone also has unique and special appearance and good hardware performance. Moreover, phone is a revolution in mobile phones in the whole world. Unfortunately, phone also has some weakness in China. Although Apple decease the price of phone, its’ price are also very high to Chinese people. Second is Apple updated Sis’s functions once a year, but more and more Chinese begin to familiar with this system. There is not any big changing in phone’s system, so people may be tired of this.

Although it has these weaknesses, it has some opportunities in China now. phone now being sold very well, so more and more operators want to cooperate with Apple. It can make Apple have the initiative. In addition, phone is not Just a smart phone, it also a tool helping Apple to develop the market. It has relationship with all walks of life. Apple’s threats would not be ignored. Nowadays, there are many counterfeit and shoddy products in China. This will makes people who have traditional view decrease the enthusiasm of phone, especially the old men or teenagers.

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Age brings changing about consumers’ buying psychology and behavior when they buy an phone (Namely et al: 2009). People who have enthusiasm in electronic will like more changing in Phone. After that, phone is sold in China in a short times, it has more competitors such as Monika and Motorola. The most important thing is phone was be copied by others mobile phones, so phone’s potential customers will decrease in the future. In conclusion, phone done well in China. It is sold very successful and Chinese really like it. We can see it by using UP method.

Products is really unique and be loved by Chinese. It has its own style. Price also can be acceptable by more amounts of Chinese. phone be sold in China, China is a big market to Apple. So the place is chose very well. The promotion is also the vital thing in phone’s selling. Moreover, the successful marketing strategy depends on a clear understanding of target consumers. This information is not only clearly relevant to designing the product offering, but also influences the pricing, distribution and promotion decision in the marketing program (Farrell et al: 2008).

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