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iPhone 4S Marketing Mix Torrence C. Jones AIU Abstract The product which I have chosen for this assignment is the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S has new features which includes a newer camera, a larger memory capacity, a personal talking assistant, and the ability to distinguish different text messages with different ringtones as well as a new no wire sync. iPhone 4S Marketing Mix The iPhone 4S is one of the first to have a talking assistant to help you out with your everyday needs. It supports advanced functionalities, such as digital enhancement identification, stereo, audio, and fast data connectivity with 4G networking.

Target Market: Young Adults (18 to 35) Especially hospital students. The iPhone 4S has ? ? Video, WAP, Games Classification and Specialty/Shopping. iPhone 4S (enhancement/updated version of iCloud) Networks (i. e. At&t, Verizon, Sprint) Brand: iPhone 4S, Connecting People with iCloud, “A sign of change” Initial Pricing: the range for the new phone is between $100. 00 and $300. 00 depending on the storage capacity desired, which ranges also anywhere from 8 gigabytes to now almost 50 gigabytes.

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The Design of the new iPhone 4S is geared toward young adults mainly, which is evident in the advertisement pictures and commercials. It has a sleek and trendy look, which appeals to young adults and what they want in a mobile. It has a more square body as opposed to the older models. Other new ground breaking features are the no wire sync. Now you do not need to hook your phone into the computer to sync it with your iTunes account. This also lets you update your software without having to hook into iTunes. Now that this phone is in such demand the other companies are starting to sell it.

This makes it a widely sought after device. And with the untimely death of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, it has truly become an economic boost for stores that usually report slower sales. For instance, last week in Business Weekly Oct. 18th 2011 edition it stated that Sprint sales sky rocked from the sales of the new iPhone 4S. Where there is a need Apple will be there to make all of life’s little problems easier with their wide variety of applications and their continuous upgrades to the phone and its features. References Business Weekly October 18, 2011 edition IDG Tech Network Apple. com

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