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You will still face ups and downs, challenges and Joys(Common Misconceptions About the Christian Life). You will have problems and troubles to overcome. Christians believe that constant temptation is expected, but what you do with that temptation decides weather you sin or not. Our world is full of destructive behavior and destructive things; however, our world was not created to be this way. Christianity is ranked as the largest religion in the world today with approximately 2 billion adherents (Adherents). It Is the Christians’ Job to lead the world to what the Lord Intended It to be.

The worldview of Christianity Is that of hypocrisy. However, it actually consists of loving one another as Jesus loved the Church. The rationale behind Christianity is having faith, building good ethics, and demonstrating love at all times. The effects of Christianity are saving souls, living in harmony, and achieving everlasting life at the right hand of God. There are those that tend to confuse faith and religion. Faith Is having peace with and knowing God will keep answers prayers and that he will take away an any and all problem that stands In front of them.

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Christians are taught to trust In God. Trust and faith are synonymous when it comes to Christianity. Keeping in mind that one’s faith will be tested, one must keep his mind and heart on God by doing that, the test and trails will seem almost painless. Faith has been linked to healing both the body and the mind. Christians have linked faith with miracles and other supernatural happenings. An example of this would be an Infertile woman; as long as she and her husband use their faith that the Lord can and will make a way for them to conceive a healthy child, it will happen. Once the couple realizes this, their worry will be gone because the ruder is no longer in their minds; they have been healed. According to the Holy Bible, faith is the substance of things hoped for and is motivates of the Christian world. Christians have to believe that whatever they are hoping for will come to past; believing is where the motivation derives. Faith is so important in the Christian realm that It Is used three hundred sixty-six times In the King James Version of the Bible this version Is one of the most used versions of the Holy Bible. Fault. Com states that faith is a spiritual force.

Faith in God is a response to God’s word which moves God to act. A Christian patterns himself after the lifestyle of Jesus Christ. They should, when Insulted, threaten or offended, turn away and pray for peace, as well as the individual that has caused this offense. Ethics and morals are behavioral principles in humans that determine what Is right and what Is wrong (Ethics and what is good and right to the highest level of ethical behavior. Similar to the belief of a common man, Christianity is known to improve ones ethics. Christianity improves one’s ethics because once one is born again, the Holy Spirit lives inside them. The

Holy Spirit is the Lord in the form of a spirit, and He tells one what is right and wrong; it is up to the individual to choose to listen. Ethics mesh with the core principles of being a Christian: the Ten Commandments. These ethical guidelines were written by Moses, under the instructions and supervision of God. These rules convey what is considered to be sinful. Stealing, how to treat one’s parents, honesty, and wanting the spouse of your neighbor are examples of what the Ten Commandments consist of. Christians are taught at an early age that following the Ten Commandments will alp them become closer to God and will get them to Heaven.

This is mainly why Christians hold themselves to a very high standard in regards to ethics. Ethics are expected to be carried out whether in church or at the mall. Laws are built on the Christian’s Ten Commandments. For instance, if someone steals, he goes to Jail. If someone kills he will either go to Jail or die. In today’s society ethics are a thing of the past. Examples of unethical acts are World, Enron, Tycoon, GIG. These companies were run by men and women without ethics. They were only interested in the regression of their bank accounts and material gain.

Other examples of immorality are the modern day shows that are on television such as: South Park, Family Guy, and Jerry Springer, These shows display the low levels of ethics the world has reverted to. Christianity teaches that Christ is love, and love is patience. Christians were taught that God so loved the world, that He gave His only son”. This particular action displays Just how important love is in Christianity; God, himself, was willing to sacrifice something so important Just for the sake of saving lives: Just for the sake of eve. Love rejoices over the evil and is the truth seeker.

Love protects; preserves and hopes for the positive aspect of life (What is Love) Love is a choice; the Lord chose to love us, so we, as Christians, should choose to love others. Love is not a convenient emotion. If the Lord can love us despite our wicked and worldly ways, we surely can do the same to our enemies. Choosing love is choosing to be blessed because a hard and bitter heart cannot be blessed. A Christian is expected to have thoughts and deeds that are respectable and honorable and must abstain from doing any sins the here virtues indicated in Bible include faith, hope and love.

Christianity ethics are challenged everyday by non-believers. Christians are taught that they will be persecuted in the name of Jesus and that proves to be true by Christians having to remove God from the schools and no praying in some public places (Ethics and Morality in Christianity). The United States’ foundation was built on Christianity. However, over the past few years the same constitution that built this country is now used to begin the movement that will have God taken out of schools, off the dollar ills, and even use God’s name in vain.

Christians have understanding hearts which is another reasons agnostic individuals wage wars against them. Christians have been taken advantage of because of the lifestyle they chose to live; trusting, loving, forgiving are traits that some non-believers use to test Christians. That is why once one becomes born again, he is given his “Christian armor”: faith, ethics, and love. By possessing these three things and allowing them to grow stronger, Christians cannot willingness to give, forgive, love, and trust each other.

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