Christianity and Judaism Assignment

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Do you think Christianity and Judaism are the same? Do you think they are deferent? They both have many similarities such as a prayer leader. A deference is that the prayer leader for Christianity Is a Priest and In Judaism Is a Rabbi. Though there are differences it still doesn’t change the fact that the search for morality and values are also very similar. Judaism and Charlatanry are similar yet, they have a multitude of differences. Christianity and Judaism are very salary. Both of these religions believe In heaven and hell.

If you were good In life you would go to heaven. If you were bad you will go to hell. Both religions follow the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are a list of guidelines for people to follow. The Christians and Jews both have a holy book it is important because it contains the religious traditions. The holy book for Christians is Christianity and Judaism are very similar. Judaism and Christianity contain about the same lessons. Both religions celebrate special holidays. A special holiday for Christianity is Christmas, and a special holiday for Judaism is Hanukah.

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Both religions have a house of worship where they prey to God. The Jewish house of worship is a temple, and the Christian house of worship is a Church. Both of these great religions are monotheistic. This means they only believe in one god. Judaism and Christianity are not only similar they are a little different. Judaism and Christianity are not the same, they have some differences. One difference is that Jewish people do not think Jesus is the Messiah was Jesus Christ, they are still waiting for their Messiah. They sign of Judaism is the Star of David, and he sign of Christianity is the cross.

Jews believe that men and women are not aloud to prey together. In Christianity men and women all prey together. Christianity an Judaism are very similar and different at the same time. Judaism and Christianity are similar religions with a lot of differences. They both are monotheistic religions, that believe In the same god. A deference Is that they have different holy books. The Christian holy book is the bible and the Jewish holy book Is the Torah.. Judaism and Christianity are similar yet, they have a multitude of differences.

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