Similarities and Differences between Christianity and Islam Assignment

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The two largest religions of the century have their own unique histories, beliefs, and practices. Christianity and Islam also have their own sacred texts, however there are many similarities between the two religions. A few of these similarities include eternal life for the good, damnation for the bad, and the treatment of lesser people, such as orphans. While these two religions share many similarities, there are several very Important differences, as well.

These differences consist of the punishment of enemies, divorce, and disbelievers. In addition to these similarities and differences, there are also people who are closer to God’s heart In these separate religions. One of the main similarities between Christianity and Islam is the belief of a divided afterlife. The belief that those who live fulfilling lives in the eyes of God will be seated at his right hand, while those who led lives of sin will be on his left side. The ones on his right will proceed on toward heaven, or eternal paradise.

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Those on the left, however, will enter hell, or purgatory. The place described as hell is quite similar for both religions. Hell is a pit of eternally burning fire for Christians and a “fierce hot wind and boiling water and a shadow of black smoke” for Muslims. Another similarity between these two seemingly different religions deals with the treatment of orphans and other lesser people. Both religions focus on helping the poor or the downtrodden. There are many saltcellars between the two largest religions of the 21 SST century.

The differences between the two religions often deal with where punishment is concerned. War, or Holy War, is mentioned in the Curran, but never in the bible. Holy Wars are embraced in Islam. The punishment for those who wage war on Allah is very severe. However, Christians believe that when one shows mercy to another, he will be shown mercy as well. Another difference between the two religions is the process of divorce. In Charlatanry, divorce Is cut and dry. The husband gives the wife a bill of divorce and whoever marries the divorced woman Is an adulterer.

In the Islamic culture, a husband must take an oath not to bed their wife for four months and after that may either return to her or completely leave her. The woman has rights over her husband Just as he has rights over her. These things are very different for the two religions. The God of both of these religions holds some categories of people especially close to his heart. For Islam, these people Include: the weak who are accounted weak and looked down upon, the ones who take oaths to Allah and fulfill them, the lowly.

These passages also go on to say that Allah holds those who are killed in the way of Allah, or those who die fighting for his cause, are dear to him as well. Christians believe that the people who are meek, the merciful, the clean of heart, and the peacemakers are held close to God. Of all the religions of this century, the two largest are Charlatanry and Islam. The similarities between the two, but also many differences. In both religions, however, God holds almost the very same people near and dear to his heart. The two religions are not so different after all.

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