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Commonly not everyone Likes going to the dentist, they rather hold their pain or pull the teeth out by their own; these kinds of people will feels the tense or anxious even mention It to them about going to see the dentist . These are the reasons why they refuse or deedless going to the dentist; Dentist’s attitude, actually characteristic of each and everyone are differences, for this case they who dislikes going to the dentist have set their mind by assuming that dentist have a ‘mean’ attitude and will gave unfriendly treatment towards you.

For example they will give directions with harsh choices and make it feel like a kid. All this will stress the patient and tend to get under their skin with the dentist’s arrogant attitude and when the patient complain of pain and discomfort, the dentist will ignore that and give an hypocrite advise by saying that will be no pain. Most of the patients will fear the drill. The sharpened sound of it will make the patient feel so nervous and start to imagine a drill machine that will goes inside their mouth which is not in their comfort zone at that moment there Is no much a dentist could do If the patient are so afraid.

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Majority of people from nuggets to older generation found that the dentist place Is unpleasant place to go. Most of them even don’t Like the look of the environment, or the sight of dental chair, equipment and instruments it is because will makes them feel nervous and Patients that have undergone the treatment procedure might have felt the pain and these will gave a major actual reason for a patient to be afraid of the dentist. They will spread the experiences to their friends and relatives and by hearing all those horror stories of pain from them it can make it more hate the dentist.

Practically, after or before having treatment the dentist will give an advice or a “lesson” toward their patients on how to take a good care of patient’s teeth but some patient find it annoying in the way the dentist go about “the lesson. “. For example they ask the patient how the patient have been doing with the dental hygiene and immediately start scrutinizing if the patient haven’t been good. They scold the patient for the bad habits and give the patient a hard talk. Lastly, the financial cost of the operational is very high.

Patients would like to be treated with excellent care and the expectation is gig but for some patient even the basic dental cost operational they can’t afford to pay. Value, not everyone places high value on their dental health. It can be a lot to spend if you need major work, and some people absolutely hate spending hard- earned dollars on dentistry. It makes them furious because they don’t get to spend it on stuff they like. Even if they have the money, they would rather be spending it on things that bring them more pleasure.

As for Utopian Dental Clinic, they always keep their positive attitude by reminded providing quality service whether patients appreciated it or not. My dental care experiences there are not much to share it is because the only time that I can remember is when I was young, that was the only time I went to the dentist to do my regularly check-up. The dentist care that I have been visited long time before that was late ass’s the staff is unfriendly and the environment is unpleasant it is maybe because the dentist I have been is one of the government dentist clinic which the instrument are limited.

Compare to this modern new area of technologies especially Utopian’s dental care; they have provided a waiting room and reception area were filled with modern furniture in muted shades f brown, grey, green and purple. Live plants and flowers were abundant and the walls were covered with art. Classical music played softly in the background. Patients could enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and browse through the large selection of current magazines while they waited for their appointments.

The treatment areas were both functional and appealing. There was a small conference room with toys for children and a VS. that was used to show patients educational films about different dental procedures. Literature was available here to explain what patients needed to do to maximize the benefits of their treatment outcomes. The chairs in the examining rooms were covered in leather and very comfortable. Each room had a large window that allowed patients to watch birds eating at the feeders that were filled each day.

There were also attractive mobiles hanging from the ceiling to distract patients from the unfamiliar sounds and sensations that might be experiencing. Headphones were available with a wide selection of music. The entire back office staff wore uniforms in cheerful shades of pink, purple and blue that matched the office dcore. All the technical equipment looked very modern and was spotlessly clean. State-of-the-art modularized machinery was used for some procedures.

The doctor degrees were prominently displayed in the office, along with certificates from various programs that the doctor and their staff had attended to update their technical skills. Eurasia largest low cost carrier in Asia. Air Asia an airline company was established in 1993 and started operations on 18 November 1996. It was originally founded by a government-owned conglomerate DRY-Which. On December 2, 2001, the heavily- indebted airline was purchased by former Time Warner executive Tony Forwardness company Tune Air Sad Bad for the token sum of one ringing.

Fernando proceeded to engineer a remarkable turnaround, turning a profit in 2002 and launching new routes from its hub in Koala Lump International Airport at breakneck speed, undercutting former monopoly operator Malaysia Airlines with promotional fares as low as RMI (US $0. 27). A new budget terminal, the first of its kind in Asia was opened in Koala Lump International Airport on 23 March 2006. Built at a cost of ARMOR million (US $29. 2 million) and spanning some 35,000 square meters (116,000 square feet), the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (ELECT) is the new home for Eurasia Bad.

ELECT will initially handle 10 million passengers a year. Eurasia Group is expected to carry 18 million passengers in 2007. Eurasia operates with the world’s lowest unit cost of US $0. 023/ASK and a passenger break-even load factor of 52%. It has hedged 100% of its fuel requirements for the next three years, achieves an aircraft turnaround time of 25 minutes, has a crew productivity level that is triple that of Malaysia Airlines and achieves an average aircraft utilization rate of 13 hours a day.

Eurasia is currently the main customer of the Airbus AWAY. The company has placed an order of 175 units of he same plane to service its routes and at least 50 of these AWAY will be operational by 2013. The first unit of the plane arrived on 8 December, 2005. The top management of Air Asia feels that still there are a number of wasteful operations done. Eurasia should use Lean techniques cut cost by eliminating waste, those items and process steps the customer doesn’t value. The transition to lean production is difficult.

Building an organizational culture where learning, empowerment, and continuous improvement are the norm is a challenge. However, organizations that focus on SIT, quality, and employee empowerment are often lean producers. Such firms drive out activities that do not add value in the eyes of the customer: they include leaders like United Parcel Service, Harley-Davidson, and, of course, Toyota. Even traditionally craft-oriented organizations such as Louis Vitiation (see the MM in Action box) find improved productivity with lean operations.

Lean operations adopt a philosophy of minimizing waste by striving for perfection through continuous learning, creativity, and teamwork. They tend to share the following attributes: Use SIT techniques to eliminate virtually all inventory Build systems that help employee produce a perfect part every time Reduce space acquirement by minimizing travel distance Develop partnership with suppliers, helping them to understand the needs of the ultimate customer Educate suppliers to accept responsibility for satisfying end customer need Eliminate all but value- added activities.

Material handling, inspection, inventory, and rework are the likely targets because these do not add value to the product Develop employee by constantly improving Job design, training, employee commitment teamwork, and empowerment Make Jobs challenging, pushing responsibility to the lowest level possible Build worker flexibility through cross- raining and reducing Job classifications Method of scheduling at Eurasia airline ticket being accommodated by inventory availability, demand is satisfied by personnel.

Through elaborate scheduling, ticket counter personnel show up Just-in-time to cover peaks in customer demand. In other words, rather than “things” inventoried, personnel are scheduled. At salon, the focus is only slightly different: the customer and the staff are scheduled to assure prompt service. At McDonald’s and Walter, scheduling of personnel is down to 1 5-minutes increments, based on precise forecasting of demand. Additionally, at McDonald’s, production is done in small lots to ensure that fresh, hot hamburger are delivered Just-in-time.

In short, both personnel and production are scheduled to meet specific demand. Notice that in all three of these lean organizations – the airline ticket counter, the salon, and McDonald’s – scheduling is a key ingredient. Excellent forecasts drive those schedules. Those forecasts may be very elaborate, with seasonal, daily, and even hourly components in the case of the airline ticket counter (holiday sales, flight time, etc. ), seasonal and weekly components at the salon (holidays and Fridays create facial problems), and down to a few minutes (to respond to the daily meal cycle) at McDonald’s.

To deliver goods and services to customers under continuously changing demand, suppliers need to be reliable, inventories lean, cycle times short, and schedules nimble. A lean focus engages and empowers employees to create and deliver to customer’s perception of value, eliminating whatever does not contribute to this goal. Lean operations are currently being developed with great success in many firms, regardless of their products. Lean techniques are widely used in both goods- producing and service- producing firms; they Just look different. There are several benefits to the LEAN approach.

Amongst other things, we can identify here some tangible and significant benefits; Reduction in lead time for the delivery of products and services; Increase in productivity; Reduction of inventory levels and of and Work- In-process (of material or intellectual nature, such as information); Improvement of quality (with a reduction of errors, and of the change orders that often result from these errors); Increased simplicity of processes (simplified to maximize the added value); Lightened document management (with a reduction of paperwork and related reoccurred); And of course, reduced consumption of resources used in production (raw material, energy, etc. ).

DEL DEL is a well-known shipping company that gives first international door-to-door express delivery service in the world. Dell’s first customers were the shipping companies, which required a service of early delivery of the shipping documents to reach their clients before the shipment itself, to make it easy and less time consuming. Some banks choose to used compare to normal postal system Dell’s service as a safer transport which also offers an overnight delivery to transport comments and cheeses worth millions of dollars. Dell’s workers around the world are very outstanding committed to provide the fastest, most reliable and flexible door to door express delivery service their customers can buy. For more than thirty years DEL has set the pace in their industry.

As their customer’s needs have changed, as they have been among the first to enter new markets such as China or Eastern Europe, DEL has developed innovative logistics solutions which both support their more than simply ensuring that time sensitive documents, packages or freight arrive safely, on time, every time. More than ever DEL works in partnership with their customers often as an integral part of their business supply chain. Over the past three years it had invested more than US $ 1. 5 billion worldwide in their people and additional state of the art handling, distribution and information systems, transportation equipment and facilities.

That investment provides their entire customer’s with access to unrivalled infrastructure for the transfer of goods at a reasonable cost. So now DEL can do even more to make express delivery easier. For some customers DEL now handle a number of critical business functions from start o finish. For others their express logistics facilities increase efficiency quite substantially, creating benefits which can be passed to their customers. DEL aims to be acknowledged as world leader in express delivery, establishing industry standards of excellence for value and money. Nobody words harder to anticipate customer delivery needs than DEL does. Nobody understands those needs or the importance of promises made to customers better than DEL does.

It’s that understanding which forms the bedrock of Dell’s customers’ continued satisfaction and their own success. So customer can be sure that if it matters to them, it matters to DEL. Dell’s marketers are really concern about the changes of modernization, as the changes of technologies Dell’s marketer have faced a very challenging customer needs and wants. They need to develop individual, global solutions for a growing number of businesses with sites and customers throughout the world. For customers in the hi- tech industry for instance, or car manufacturers operating Just-in-time methodology, the ability to transport samples or parts to the right place at the right time whenever necessary is critical to their success.

Hence to increase DEL global response even further DEL created a Network Global Account programmer. Working closely with specific DEL customers whose businesses are truly global, the management teams’ prime responsibility is to develop and implement solutions appropriate for worldwide operations. The benefits to DEL customers are many and varied, depending on customer’s individual needs and the particular solutions developed. In any situation, however, by working to achieve more efficient distribution, costs in the supply chain are reduced and overall customer service improved. Forecasting in DEL s to predict future event used for planning purpose.

For example DEL hires a large number of employees for its package sorting hub. The work is hard and routine, and the hours are long. The high level of productivity demanded by DEL occasionally generates complaints from Teamsters Union members. When faced with the alternatives of hiring full-time or part-time employees so that they can train them and, by means of thoroughly researched process and Job designs, install a strong sense of teamwork and Job satisfaction. Although the work is demanding, DEL typically has many more applications than openings when it recruits employees. Supply chain management is Just as important for service provider as for manufacturer.

Service providers must purchase the equipment, supplies and services they need to produce their own service. In DEL buying the equipment and supplies depends upon two things, level of expense and Emergency. For example Emergency, It also depends upon emergency. If they need the equipment urgently quarter. The quotation that proves by head quarter they make the purchase accordingly to that. Dell’s competitive priority is on time delivery. On time delivery measures the frequency with which delivers time promise are met. Their mot is “Latest Pickup and Earliest Delivery’. What they do is they have agreement with almost all international airlines in the world.

They give priority to their shipments. DEL uses Internet to meet the requirements for quick and accurate delivery; the quality ensures that it will meet specification even-though it is really very difficult to measure the quality of services. Because services are intangible, DEL quality is measured through on time delivery and information about the shipment status. Previously they are offering only one track – e-track. But now they are also offering m- rack. In e-track customer know about the shipment status through internet. Just go to their number web site enter the airway bill of shipment. And it will tell their customer about the latest status.

For example when the shipment release from the host airport’s the sort system will relays information back to the computer in the control room. As each shipment is recognized, its arrival is acknowledged and this date is transmitted back to the country from which it has been sent. Within seconds the customer service agents in the country know that the shipment has been sorted. They are also updated when the shipment has been allocated its onward flight number. When that flight leaves with the shipment on board the system once again updates DEL computers worldwide. But in the whole procedure the customer must have access to computer and internet. Meanwhile m-track they give more comfort to customer.

By using mobile phone at anywhere in the world they know about the status they know about the status of their shipment. Another fast and convenient tracking tool are DEL m-track offers yet another way to track customer’s shipments via wireless network. This is Dell’s latest innovation signed for use with any kind of mobile phone that supports sending/receiving of text message (SMS). SMS stands for short message services exchanges between the SMS-Centre of the Mobile Telecommunication Operator and the Customer. SMS is the most widely deployed wireless technology used in GSM, CDMA & TDMA networks across the world. Short Messages is an easy, cost effective and convenient way of communicating “limited” information between mobile users and via SMS centers.

DEL m-track is ideal for they busy executives who needs to access the status of their DEL shipments at any time, whether in or out of the office. DEL m-track reuses the DEL web track applications to provide DEL shipment tracking for single airway bills. Like DEL itself, it is reliable and accessible. Efficient and cost effective DEL m-track costs only the minimal charges for the initial Short Message (SMS) to request shipment status information. The changes vary from country to country from network to network and from subscription to subscription, but the cost for international SMS is usually the same as a local SMS. As our valued customer, customer’s shipment status will be delivered free of charge, sponsored by DEL.

Access DEL m-track anytime, anywhere, users generally access DEL information services through a PC or other fixed terminals with internet access. DEL m-track allows their customers to access a DEL service wherever customer’s mobile phone can make a GSM call. All the track shipments wherever customers are. These have given lots of opportunities to their customers. For example using DEL m-track is as simple as sending any other short message. The latest shipment status of up to 160 characters per message will be received within 10-60 seconds. DIG Telecommunication Service Dig is one of the Tells provider among 4 other known giant Telecoms market shares in Malaysia. Eve been subscribing these services for the past 4 year.

The reason why I choose Dig compare to others Teleconference’s such as Maxis and Cellos is because the price package for internet, call in/out, messaging is cheap. Yes, at the point of time, I must admit that the services is terrible, sometime the phone called suddenly out of signal/coverage area, the message send to intended recipient cannot get through or more likely lost with the wind. Now, Dig is already improving, there are upgrading their services from time to time to accommodate an increasing customers. Initially, Dig, is not my best choice of Tells service due to the poor services and unfriendly users that they have provided to me. But nevertheless the reason why I choose Dig is likely because of their price offer can be consider inexpensive and worth for money.

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