Service Marketing Assignment

Service Marketing Assignment Words: 551

We pride ourselves in the service offerings and the ease of the initial purchase of the customers selected product. Airways makes it easy for our customers to learn about our transportation service offerings. To serve the modern online culture of today, we have a state of the art website that allows our customers to look at the flight options, the service level options (coach, business class, first class) and the prices. From here, the customer can purchase the ticket directly through the website.

We also use a chat feature that allows the customers to Interact with our 24-hour service representatives if they choose to do so. We also have a toll free number that provides the same services as the ones online to service customers who ay not have access to the Internet. We also have a ticket sales counter in each and every airport that we fly into all across the country. Once the customer arrives for their flight, the real work begins.

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Customers will be Initially greeted by the Airways arrival valets to help them check In any luggage handling that they need and to guide them to the check in counter. Many customers opt not to use this service and go directly to our service counter to check into there flights to obtain boarding passes and or to check in any non carry on luggage that hey may want to check in. Many of today’s customers skip this process all together because of the online check In features that make It convenient for our customers to bypass the check In counter and go straight to the boarding gate.

Our customer Interactions on our boarding gates will be with our boarding agents and the service screens that provide pertinent flight related information that is of use to them. Next comes the boarding of the plane. This is where customers will hand their boarding pass to our agents and begin to board our plane. Once boarding the plane, he planetoids luggage attendant and the flight attendant welcoming them to the interact with the customers via our intercom system. The flight attendants will have the most interaction throughout the flight providing food and beverage service.

Also they will provide any amenities like extra blankets, earphones and provide any assistance customers may need to access any of the in air lavatories. Once the plane has landed and the customer has arrived in the gate, we will have an Airways representative to help assist the customers to any connecting flights or general questions that they may have. The after-purchase interactions come in several forms. If they happen to have a baggage issue, we have an Airways baggage claim specialist located in the baggage claim area.

Customers will then have the opportunity to call the toll free number to express any post flight praise, suggestions or customer service related issues that they might have had. In each of these interactions that our employees will have with our guest, our commitment to 100 percent customer satisfaction has to be displayed. We never know at what point in the chain of Airways customer interactions that our customers loud be forming their opinion on the service we are providing them.

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