Service Marketing Assignment

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The Three-Stage Model of Service Consumption Pre-purchase Stage Service Encounter Stage Post- encounter Stage Customers seek solutions to aroused needs Evaluating a service may be difficult Decision to buy or use a service is triggered by need arousal. What promos us to purchase? Needs. Triggers of need: unconscious minds Physical conditions External sources Need arousal leads to attempts to find a solution.

Evoked set – a set of products and brands that a consumer considers during the decision-making process – that is derived from past experiences or external sources. I’m hungry-I like McDonald’s-I go there to buy lunch) Evaluating Alternatives Perceived Risks of Purchasing and using Services Functional Financial Temporal Physical Psychological Sensory Social How consumers handle perceived risk Seek information from respected personal sources.

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Compare service offerings Relying on a firm with good reputation Looking for guarantees and warranties Trials Asking employees understanding Customers’ service expectations perceive. Does a service meet the expectations? Components of customer expectations Zone of tolerance: they are okay with it, not love it but also not give negative reviews. Desired Level of Service Adequate Service Level Predicted Service Level Purchase Decision: possible alternatives are compared and evaluated, whereby the best option I s selected.

All of this is pre-purchase. Service encounters range from high to low contrast A period of time during which customer interacts directly with the service provider. Moment of truth: importance of managing touchiness Service Encounters range from High-contact to Low-contact Shakespeare quote: Jobs during your life, many stages and many way to offer service Entrance and exits in retail store, as a customer you can go in and get out of the tore, relationship between the service provider and the customer.

Educating the customer by giving him as much as information as possible. Post-encounter Stage (post-purchase) -Satisfaction: attitude-like Judgment – Positive confirmation – Confirmation – Negative confirmation Customer delight: going beyond satisfaction Product People Price Place Process Physical Evidence Promotion People: how employees can influence the service provided by the company Physical Evidence or Serviceable: Make a website attractive, ambiance Includes processes required to deliver the service : process

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