Service Marketing Approach in Hospital Industry Bangladesh Assignment

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Apollo Hospitals Dacha, being in the business of hospital service marketing where one needs to wear the shoes of the customers, feels that the demands of business environment are neither small nor simple. At Apollo Hospitals Dacha, business development is everyone’s business. They promote total quality management in every aspect of their service, promising and delivering a total atmosphere of support and comfort. They believe no amount of skilled health care professionals and cutting- edge technology will be successful unless It Is delivered within a complete package of dedication, commitment, loyalty, care, and quality.

Its’ business vision focuses on four things: patient care, patient safety, patient rights and responsibility, and patient confidentiality. We believe providing premium quality service to our patients is not something what the patients should ask for, It Is what they deserve. All of them at every level of the hospital have kept ‘patient’ at the forefront of our existence and have worked hard to ensure they deliver what we commit.

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For any organization, Marketing Department is considered the revenue earner of the organization. This is true for Apollo Hospitals Dacha as well. The marketing Department aims and secures the business of the hospital by being the primary and focal point-of-contact for people in the community requiring healthcare solution in regular and odd hours, and by ensuring timely delivery of necessary healthcare from the right corners through a series of teamwork concerning different areas of the hospital.

Description of Service * First contact through website/call centre/local presence * Direct contact with surgeons on registration * Travel arrangements Hospital admission (staff pickup at airport) * Medical procedure Comprehensive reports on discharge * Tie ups with US hospitals for post treatment care Forces Which Compel System Redeslgnnransformation There are many reasons which compel the health care systems to embark on process redesign transformation. These include: * Continued rise in hospital costs. * Concerns about patient safety and quality. * Little change in the core health care processes over decades. * Silos of care provision. Little application of knowledge from other Industries. ; Enormous audiences in care delivery processes. * Numerous patient handouts. Major workforce shortages. Employee dissatisfaction. Resident work hour limitations. 1 OFF dissatisfaction. Although the impact of each one of these factors may vary from system to system, all of these factors impact every health care delivery system to some degree. At Apollo, of most concern at this point in time were the following: costs, safety, quality, lack of change in processes through the application of tools from other industries, redundancies in processes, and workforce shortages.

This led to focus on tools which addressed these major concerns. It is critically important for the leadership of a system to articulate these forces and how they necessitate change. Redesign Planning Steps After the decision on the need for system redesign was made, steps were taken to plan for process redesign as follows: 1 . Assess readiness for major redesign. 2. Establish the perspectives for redesign. 3. Create a structure for the redesign process. 4. Gather external data. * Conduct a literature review. * Form an External Steering Committee. * Conduct site visits.

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