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Blackberry balances end users and corporate needs to keep your business boning. Listed on www. Blackberry. Com, “We believe that Innovation and collaboration will foster sustainable growth for our business. ” This paper will explain why Blackberry is declining in appeal to consumers. The paper will also have some recommendations for Blackberry to take to address the products declining appeal to consumers. Blackberry current Target Market Demographics Blackberry current target market is mainly for business users. Redefining target market Is another step towards Increasing revenues.

RIM (Research In motion) Is established as a world leader In cell phone devices. Blackberry has high-speed communique abilities appealing to those related to business world, which is subjugated by e-mails. The demographics of the present Blackberry target market is towards middle to upper class buyers age from 30 to 55 in the managerial and business segments. The demographics also show that Blackberry leans more toward males. Blackberry has features that most business professionals need in order to work effectively. Blackberry was not intended for teenagers or young adults. 9-year- old Frederick Gresham of Lithuania, GA stated, “Yes, I owned a Blackberry Curve and It as a great device because It had office functions to edit papers for work. ” 36-year- old Shares Carter of Confers, GA stated, miles I owned a Blackberry for six years, I like the keyboard and the way that email and text messages were set up. Blackberry gave you the option to have your email and messages on the same page. She would go back to Blackberry If they make a few changes with their product. ” (Gardner, 2009) (Gresham, 201 3) (Carter. 013) The reason I believe Blackberry is declining in Popularity Today In the world, It Is all about the social trending and technology. Blackberry lacks In many different areas. People are mainly buying Apple devices and Samsung devices. People are following the social trend. After doing a survey 18 people out of 20 people said, they would use an phone rather than a Blackberry. When Apple I OFF Samsung are great at advertising their product. Social Media is also a very important factor when it comes to consumer products. The Blackberry is also declining in popularity because the target market is mainly business professionals.

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The functions and features on the Blackberry attracts older consumers rather than mid age or monger consumers. An ethnic market is a group of consumers that share a common cultural background. In this case, an ethic market for the Blackberry is for the Business field and the consumers who purchase the Blackberry are doing it for business purposes. In today’s society, the economy is doing a little better but Blackberry could have reasons for them not really being able to compete with their competitors. For example, Apple and Samsung have been coming out with new devices back to back. Apple and Samsung are two of the top competitors currently.

Blackberry is not being competitive at all. Blackberry should be coming out with more devices more often. Blackberry is not up to date on the technology. Blackberry competitors are on top of technology as well as continuing to provide more and more features. 39-year-old Delved Jones of Lithuania, GA stated, “Blackberry has never been appealing to me and I’m not a fan. The buttons and the screen on the device is too small. ” 41 -year-old Tanana Raglans of Lithuania, GA stated, “Never had a blackberry because she didn’t like how it looks and that the screen is too small, more attracted to touch screens. Cones D. , 2013) (Raglans, 2013) Recommendations for Blackberry Three recommendations for possible action marketers of Blackberry can take to address the product’s declining appeal to consumers. The first recommendation is to change the appearance of the device. Catch the eye of current consumers and possible consumers. Blackberry should design more devices with a touch screen, bigger display, a front, and back camera, and create a range of different color devices. 14-year-old Kenosha Jones of Lithuania, GA stated, “Blackberry should change their device up and catch up with technology.

If they designed a cool looking device I loud buy it. ” The second recommendation is to have competitive prices. Blackberry should have a lower price than competitors. Blackberry devices will attract more consumers once they design more devices and have lower prices. 36-year-old Shares Carter of Confers, GA stated, “Once Blackberry designs a new device they should lower their price so that they will have a better chance of selling it and attracting future consumers. ” The third recommendation is to advertise their product more. Blackberry should use social media sites more for example, Backbone, and twitter.

Blackberry should also get involved with the community and have events to advertise their product. With the recommendations provided Blackberry could become appealing to consumers. Cones K. , 2013) (Carter, 2013) The Best Foreign Country in which to Market Blackberry The foreign country that I choose is the Philippines. The capital of the Philippines is Manila. Manila’s population is 11. 449 million. The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia, Archipelago between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea. The Philippines total area is 300,000 Sq. Km.

The total population for the Philippines babbled other. The reason I chose the Philippines is that they have a good population rate. In addition, the Philippines age rate is as follows: 15-24 years old-19. 1 percent, 25-54 years old-36. 8 percent, and 55-64 years old-5. 7 percent. The Philippines has an electronics assembly as well as import and export of electronic devices. There are 94. 19 million mobile cellular devices in the Philippines. The Philippines would be the best foreign country to market the Blackberry in because we could have cheap laborers as well as market the Blackberry at a lower price.

Lowering the price of the Blackberry would attract current and new consumers. The plan is to produce a line of better blackberry products for the age group between 15-64 years of age. I know that with a good marketing strategy and the recommendations provided Blackberry could become a success and make a HUGE profit. (Affairs, 2007) Product Segmentation and Positioning Ideas The product segmentation that Blackberry will have is the Demographic Segmentation. Demographic Segmentation is segmenting markets by age, gender, income, ethnic background, and family life cycle.

The reason that Blackberry needs to focus on anemographic segmentation is that they need to produce products for a range of different ages. Blackberry devices are for men and women. The idea is to create a new line of devices for Blackberry in a range of different colors as well as a new appearance. The new line for Blackberry will have a bigger display screen, touch capabilities, and better features. Not only will Blackberry catch the eye of consumers by appearance but also by price. Blackberry target consumers will change with the new product ideas. Blackberry new target consumers are teenagers, adults, and equines professionals.

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