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Having received an Interview for a Job as a marketing assistant In a well-known business, as part of the Interview process I will have to make a presentation for a product worth launching. For this to work, I will have to show that I have understood the marketing objectives and be familiar with what a marketing mix is. What are mission statements? Mission statements are the aims and purpose of an organization. A mission statement lets the employees and costumers understand what the company stands for.

Nilsson statements Include what they are willing to offer for costumers and give he reader an insight of what the business was designed for. Mission statements are needed so that costumers or investors will feel confident of using ones resources such as their products. It shall include who the company/business is, what the business does, what the business stands for and why does the business do it. Example of a Mission Statement: The Daily per The Daily Per (TAP) is a specialty beverage retailer. TAP uses a system that is new to the beverage and food service industry to provide hot and cold beverages in a convenient and time-efficient way.

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TAP provides its customers the ability to drive up ND order (from a trained Barista) their choice of a custom-blended espresso drink, freshly brewed coffee, or other beverage. TAP Is offering a high-quality option to the fast-food, gas station, or Institutional coffee. The Dally Per offers Its patrons the finest hot and cold beverages, specializing in specialty coffees, blended teas, and other custom drinks. In addition, TAP will offer soft drinks, fresh-baked pastries and other confections. Seasonally, TAP will add beverages such as hot apple cider, hot chocolate, frozen coffees, and more.

The Daily Per will penetrate the commuter and apatite consumer markets by deploying Drive-thru facilities and Mobile Cafes in the most logical and accessible locations. The Drive-thru facilities are designed to handle two-sided traffic and dispense customer-designed, specially ordered cups of premium coffees in less time than required for a visit to the locally owned cafe or one of the national chains. In addition to providing a quality product and an extensive menu of delicious items, to ensure customer awareness and loyalty, as well as good publicity coverage and media support, we will be donating up to 7. % of revenue to local charities based upon customer choices. Http://www. Plans. Com/ 07/10/2013 This Nilsson statement Is a clear example of what one should contain. In the text and why the business does what it does. It also gives their customers a vision of what they do and what they will offer, such as: ; Providing customers the finest quality beverage in the most efficient time ; Giving them drive-thrust making it more accessible From mentioning great locations, best products and friendliest service this gets the business a good reputation in the public eye making them stand out from competitors such as: Struck.

Aims and Objectives: What is an aim? An aim is where a business wants to go in the future. It’s a goal and a state of purpose, e. G. We want the business to be known worldwide by next year. This motivates the business to reach their goal and focus on what they want to achieve. The main objective off business might be: 1. Survival. Survival is the act off business continuing to do what they do without any distractions or interruptions; having the business to exist and to not be destroyed. 2. Employee Welfare. Employee welfare is efforts to make life easy for the businesses members.

It should satisfy the needs of the workers meaning the manager or employer must first know what they deed to enable them to work with productivity. Prevention of accidents must be taken in consideration as the safety of workers should be a priority. 3. Costumer Welfare. Costumer welfare is when the business meets the customer’s needs, providing and supply them with their requirements. What is an objective? An objective has to be S. M. A. R. T, by this it is meant to be specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant and timed.

By SPECIFIC it is meant that the objective are aimed at what the business does, e. G. A hotel might have an objective of increasing the visitors by 45% in March, an objective specific to that business. MEASURE-ABLE, while creating measurable goals you should ask yourself questions like: How much? How many? Or how will I know when it is done? E. G. “l need to make at least EYE profit per month”. ACHIEVABLE, by this it is meant that the business has to set goals that are attainable and not out of reach. By not setting achievable goals can lead to disappointment and failure in business.

RELEVANT, as a relevant goal you will need to be willing and able to work towards your aim, this makes it realistic. Nobody is going to feel motivated to do work for the business if they think the goal is beyond their capability. A goal has to me TIMED, S. M. A. R. T goals take part in specific timeshare meaning there are deadlines. By having deadlines you have to follow up the targets you have set for the business. In general it is a specific aim that a business would have to achieve in a certain amount of time by having the people they need and the equipment required.

Understanding Consumer Needs Businesses are more likely to meet their customer needs if staffs are trained to bring customer service. When understanding a customer’s needs the business must meet their expectations and identify them. The business must carry out market research to mind out exactly what they want. Once information is collected and analyses, the information then can be used to plan a better customer service. Understanding and Keeping Ahead of Competition Business competes in many ways. Within market businesses many are faced with direct competitors.

Direct competitors are businesses who produce similar products as another, E. G. Fruit and vegetable sellers on a Saturday market in town. In addition to direct competitors, businesses also face indirect competition. An indirect competitor is when a business gives out the same service to another in the same racket. E. G. In the leisure industry swimming pools face indirect competitions from other businesses that provide the same type of service within the same market, such as: bowling alleys and cinemas.

Some business professionals always tend to stay ahead of the game, they always seem to spot upcoming trends. The main reason why businesses should try to keep track of latest trends is so that it provides you of an insight of what is going on in the marketplace and allows you to know what the people want. The more accurate businesses can supply to their customer needs, the better. By being ahead of the game, it gives you advantages such as, allowing you to give more time to plan which leads to an increase of profit. If a business refuses to track trends, how can they supply consumer needs?

To supply consumer needs they must listen to their customers and provide customer service. There are many ways to always stay informed on the top new trends; one of these ways is to continually read business magazines, newspapers, expert blobs and trade publications. Sometimes following the latest trends is not the right thing to do for the business, so choosing which trend to follow is important. You will need to think about the impact of the trend in the long run. Trends that require more research are the trends that are important to your business.

Communicating Effectively with Customers Communicating with customers is a skill employees must be trained to do, as it can affect how the customers see what kind of customer service you have. Providing great service is a selling point for them and the business when they tell their friends what kind of business you have. The company must make sure that their employees must be familiar with the products they are selling to the customers, so that when it comes o answering questions, they will know what to answer.

Communication is not Just important to customers but also to the employees; putting up notice boards to state on-going project and events within the business helps employees stay up to date. Communication with customers matter, customers’ expectations and demands must be provided. Along with customer service must ensure satisfaction towards the Growth To increase business growth, the business must rethink about the revenue of the business with improved products. The business must maintain or improve profitability; this can be done by doing simple things such as, instead of paid advertising, do more networking advertising.

Use technology like Extorting. Com instead of actually traveling to minimize costs. Maintaining sales could also increase growth, this could mean introducing new products and making sure that this new product stays in the market to make profit. Internal Growth Internal growth is when a business a business grows without having to Join another business. The business can then take on’ more employees and build new grounds. External Growth External growth is the opposite of internal growth, meaning it has some contribution with another business. Merger – is mean two firms Join together and have equal amount of ownership.

E. G. Lloyd and TTS merge to create Lloyd TTS. Takeover – is when another firms take on another firm and has the ownership of that business. E. G. Lloyd takes over TTS, it would still be called Lloyd but it would also own TTS. Product Introduction and Innovation Many companies remake products, bringing updated and efficient versions to the market; companies such as, Apple. Businesses might do this to achieve growth or to improve sales. An example of a company that has been around for 125 years and has one its fair shares of innovation is Coca Cola.

Over the years Coca Cola have come up with amazing innovations, this rages from their packaging and advertisements. The company not only have Coke but owns Diet Coke, Sprite, Faint and many more. Coca Cola is also known for teaming up with big projects and events as they make sure the company stays advertised. It is small changes like a new image on the packaging makes people like it, the designs of course relating to the event. Some benefits of being innovative are: ; Increases sales Competitive advantage Customer satisfaction Product Differentiation Product differentiation means making your product different from its competitors.

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