Responsibility Marketing Assignment

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Corporate responsibility deals with the courage of an organization to articulate its plan of action to meet their target customer’s needs and wants. Marketing managers must have the courage to follow the directions presented to them and to gain the trust of their staff members in order to get the Job done. (Potomac & Mule], 2013) They accepted Joshua leadership and followed him. Followers look to see whether a leader is courageous before they’ll Lully accept that person’s leadership. (Potomac & Mule], 2013) The people of Israel saw Joshua obey Moses and fully obey God.

Joshua 1:17 (New Living Translation) “Obedience Is better than sacrifice. ” (1 Sam. 15:22 NJ) Obedience parallels Itself with accountability. Organizations have a responsibility, not only to their employees, customers and shareholders, but to the government. Obedience to the law demonstrates if the organization is willing to perform as they are morally and legally obligated. As a marketing manager, one has to be liable for what they have done ND have to do. Through his studying of the law and learning from Moses, Joshua was taught to obey God at an early age.

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He heard God’s command in verse 7, “… Obey all the laws Moses gave you. Do not turn away from them, and you will be successful in everything you do. ” In Joshua 1:9, he heard God’s voice again “have not I commanded thee?… ” Joshua obeyed God and through that obedience, he led the people of Israel to the Promised Land. Being in a management position is a “called” position Just like Joshua; everyone is not designed for such a position. However, hose that accept the calling must be willing to fulfill the responsibilities that come with It.

As marketing managers, there will be days when the task before you becomes overwhelming. The responsibility of the manager Is to press through these difficult times and make the difficult decisions that come with the job, remembering with him wherever he went. As a manager, God is with us regardless of the situation. The biggest responsibility that Joshua had and that managers have is to obey the orders that were given to them and execute those orders to the fullest extent. References Sororities, T. C. (2013, August 1)..

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