Music Marketing Assignment

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Different music record labels utilize different ranges of marketing strategies to market their music and their artist. Some of these techniques can sometime depend on the size of the company and their resource accessibility or, the time of music they produce and their target audience. These aspects help them decide what they think is a suitable and effective means of marketing that will bring them optimum revenue For this investigation, I looked into one of the “big three” recording labels, Sony Music and how they market, and why they use certain techniques for different situations ND different target audiences.

I also looked at a smaller independent record label and how their techniques differ in comparison to Sony Music and why. The small independent record label I looked at is XSL Recordings, an independent British recording company. Companies like Sony Music due to their ownership of other subsidiary record labels, use those as an access point to a wider audience range whereas, smaller groups rely sourly on themselves and their ability to market.

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Companies like Sony have deals with social networking companies like Backbone, this allows them to use your musical interest put on your profile to target you with advertisement of a specific kind relevant to what interest you. They use this platform, as a means of reaching the youthful population is made easier. However, Labels like XSL Recordings are reliant on their ability to get more likes and for people to share their page. It is less targeted but more generalized, as it’s easier for them to get more likes and shares or rewet.

Nevertheless, both these companies utilize their artist as a marketing source, their website, their social networking pages etc. In other words, these companies use social networking in efferent ways but on different scales. In the last 5 years XSL Recordings have hardly used T. V. And although they own a reasonable percentage of ADELE, being the first to sign her; She is still in contract with Universal as well and Universal group have done the TV marketing of her albums on the biggest channels around the world due to resources like that being available to them.

Billions of people around the world watch T. V. Everyday and it’s probably one of the widest platforms in music marketing and it’s also one of the easiest to get wrong because of the audience since and range hence why different erosion of 1 album advert is used in different parts of the world based on the type of people in that country. On the other hand small labels like XSL Recordings and boy better know would produce one that would be broadcasted to the world this is down to their financial as well as a smaller fan base.

Sony also targets the social classes based on their lifestyles so, things like posters at bus stops, on busses and other forms of public transport and public places. These posters are made in a specific kind of font to draw attention and the mode of address attention to view it. Nevertheless other independent record labels are much more unforgettable in exploiting one platform which is, the internet and they indeed use it very effectively as it is cheaper and it’s still capable of reaching a wide range of audience.

Over the last ten years, it seems to be one of the top platforms as it’s easy to exploit. In conclusion, the size of the company sometimes determines their accessibility to different means and platforms of marketing, however the smaller companies are much more capable of use the Internet to their advantage, to reach their target audience easier. And the big three use specific techniques for specific audiences in other to market the product to as many as possible.

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