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They don’t work with any gents, they used their own market. Flexible Different locations and different opening time Information system Predict what it going to be in the future? Good at planning ahead. A risk planning ahead, maybe not financially. Empowering employees and have them take decisions. Administrative losses In terms of relationship marketing they did not do well. A different business design Service Market triangle, cheap car (but with certain cars) Internal Marketing Instructed the employees.

Other opinion: The company did not want to have any relationship at all, Just make he transaction. External Vs.. Internal Marketing Just 1 employee. Marketing Analysis. Parent company? Divided them into two group into pros and cons and gave them 5 minutes to discuss about it in the group. Cons: because the easiest to already successful so they would have more pressure on them to be good as well as them Cons: search easy for them to advertise cheap The brand can effect each other if one does something wrong their brand name will be hard.

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Same name? It is good idea to use a same name so they would expect same quality and same price. And it is cheaper to advertise because easiest is already well known. Assassinates cafe was a failure, they have a lot of easy company cinemas etc they are proud of their way of doing business but they have a lot of pressure. easiest, scarce has more connection with each other because it is a transportation Marketing tool for the choosing the name short, easy to remember Cons: They use a same concepts as easiest direct booking etc… Loud they start any new easy company? Systole escargot cheeseburger etc Cons: they would already know what o expect from the service they don’t expect much. Brand image, brand awareness They start really smart way, they opened scarce where easiest was popular. They had give more than then customers expectation the Benz car Low expectation and high giving. Cheap image and high Pros: they have financial access they have a back up and SQ: Scarce used a price strategy, but what operations did they carry out across the business to support this strategy?

Location , garage, used a van as a office easy to move the around and change the place, One worker working at the garage at a time. Not too much communication with the Internet booking made it easier, they did not cash They did not do market research they only had 2 segment Should they spend more money on market researching? Entering the competition 5 company already had the 60% of the market when scarce entered they already had a view who they were customer and how they should work Did they met their 2004 goal? They had some interest in growing to Europe and they had a good start.

Question: It was told to wait for 15 mint but waited for 40 minutes how can a manager try to fix t. Moment of truth worker should try to make the customer stay and tell them them the truth. Reduce the expectation or change producing process. It depends on the how much money, how much time you will need? Conclusion: successful company good discussion and everyone was in the discussion but the gap was little Tried to have everyone in the discussion, lack of theory, communication Could used the core service model . Question was light good Groups and warm up ,Follow up questions Cons and pros battle :p

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