Marketing – salty dog mini case IBMS Assignment

Marketing – salty dog mini case IBMS Assignment Words: 471

Dog has already started exporting their product to France, Germany, Norway, Belgium and China. The best approach to expanding the brand Is to focus on those countries. In those countries the costumers already have some knowledge of the product. We should start a campaign like two for the price of one’. This way our sales of the product will go up, and we will achieve brand loyalty in those countries. 2 we should avoid being associated with our competitors.

If we want to surpass the other leading brands in chips we will have to try a completely different approach than most impasses do. Before we start advertising on Television/Radio/Newspapers, we should set up spots around major cities and give away samples of our product. This way, the costumer will be curious about the product after they have tasted it. They will also anticipate the actual release of the product in stores. 3 we should sell our product in major retail places, but only on the locations where people have a need/ desire for our product.

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We should also adapt the price of our product to the GAP of certain potential areas. If the GAP in one area Is significantly higher than the GAP of another area, the chips should cost a little more. This way we will make more profit without losing costumers to selling a product that is too expensive 4 we should start by offering just one retailer our product. If they accept, we will bring this product on the market for a fairly cheap price. This way, the costumer will be more satisfied with the product. This is because it coated him/her less money for a good quality product.

A lot of people will follow to buy our product because it is cheap and tasty. This will result In other retailers to offer us their services and sell our product In their shop. Review questions 2 official definition: marketing consists of individual and organizational activities that facilitate and expedite satisfying exchange relationships in a dynamic environment through the creation, distribution, promotion and pricing goods, services and ideas. My definition: marketing is everything a company or organization does to get the people to buy their product, service or idea.

These activities vary from promotional costless to adapting a product to the consumers needs. 3 because It will help them organization understands their costumers and their competition. 8 social marketing is a form of marketing that bases on getting people to quit their bad habits. Like quitting smoking or drinking less alcohol. 11 marketing analyses, analyses your market. Marketing strategy, create a strategy that fits the analysis. Marketing programmer, create a solid program that supports your strategy. Marketing controls, control your program and make it work for your organization.

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