Redbull: Marketing Mix Assignment

Redbull: Marketing Mix Assignment Words: 419

Red Bull focuses on making their consumer et energize and fresh. It benefits health with B vitamins. Their main slogan is that it gives you wings . Red bull’s packaging is simple and plain, but the coolest which catches the eye and create a first impression, with a single big logo. Price The price of a Red Bull Energy drink depends on the country where you buy It, but usually their drinks are priced at higher end compared to other beverages.

They sell their energy drinks as a premium priced product, advertising as better and beneficial than a typical juice drink.. Therefore, though their prices are higher, consumers are dead to pay a premium for Red Bull because of the quality of the product and the benefits. Place Red Bull is distributed in almost every supermarket over the world in 162 countries. They are placed in most noticeable sections In supermarket , near counters customized mall fridge of Red Bull or In between essential drinks like water, or fruit Juices.

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Red Bull has also deals with sport clubs, bars and companies. Red Bull uses other firms In many countries to distribute their products. Promotion Red Bull is the biggest player in the market using an aggressive strategy for promotion of their products. The three main strategies to promote Red Bull products are Media Advertising, Sponsoring and Free sampling. Free sampling is used for persuading college students to buy Red Bull energy drinks.

During exams or student meetings or parties, Red Bull sends the sampling products to free for the people. They drive in Red Bull cars, use Red Bull fridges etc. They used Buzz marketing In creating success story. Red Bull uses the media channels, Like cinema , TV, radio, press and the internet : focusing on the media through which It can reach Its primary target market which Is young people. Their ads allow the nonusers to interpret the product themselves.

Red Bull achieves this by a escape by giving you wings People not only enjoy the campaigns, but they remember what product it is and what it provides, which is the important characteristic of a successful campaign. The company implements sponsoring in the strategy by sponsoring the athlete target market in extreme sports ,motorists or fun sports, increasing the image, credibility and visibility of the product. Red Bull also does event sponsoring. By either creating its own events or promoting other events like Speed Ski World Championship.

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