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This is group assignment – if done as a group the group may not exceed 4 members ND all will get the same mark. 7. Make a copy of your assignment before handing it in. TOPIC: How Red Bull Invented the “cool” factor LU – LU 7 Read the enclosed case study and then answer the questions that follow. O The Independent Institute of Education (Pity) Ltd 201 3 Page 1 of 11 Case Study How Red Bull invented the “cool” factor Feb. 6, 2008 By Clark Turner It’s one of today’s most contemporary brands associated with some of the most exciting sporting events around the world and has helped to define the “cool” factor for brands.

So, it may be a surprise to some that the Red Bull brand is almost 25-years- old. The packaging and product has changed little since launch but brand vision and strategy has seen the company evolve to become a dominant player In the energy drinks market. Red Bull 2007 sales figures showed the brand’s continued growth In the UK energy drink market, with end of year sales of 329. 5 million cans; an increase of 14%, or over 40 million cans, year on year. Despite a slowdown in soft drinks sales overall, the energy drinks sector itself has continued to thrive, growing by 22% in the off trade year on year.

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Red Bull has a 27% share, according to Nielsen “We’re very ordinate, our product does something. It’s an energy drink and It works,” UK Managing Director, Engel Trod told us, “On the back of that we’ve attempted to build a brand experience that consumers associate as something positive and leaves them with a good memory. “It’s also seen as an inspirational product, a silver can that people like to be seen drinking with associations of a ‘cool’ and premium drink. ” The strategy for building the brand has been created around a simple goal.

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