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He sometimes takes very good quality pictures of unhygienic spots and polluted places on his detail Amerada during his visits as evidence of environmental degradation to support his 1 OFF The mother is a pre-primary teacher working with children between 3 – 5 years of age. She is also the treasurer of a non-governmental organization to advise people on family planning around the island of Mauritius. For school sessions, she wishes to draw shapes for children to color using colored pencils but no computer is available at school.

She is used to oral presentations as no projector is available but she is expected to submit on a fortnightly frequency a simple statement of account tit realistic fugues and totals of the various expenses and any monetary sponsorship to the board of the organization, and a similar one every year to the Mauritius Revenue Authority. One child is completing his first year of a Degree in Graphics Design with specialization in animations. He is advised to provide typed written solutions to assignments and is expected to submit hard copies of exercises.

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He needs to prepare presentations of practical assignments that he brings from home to present in class. His practical assignments are expected to bear elements like sound, minor 2- Dimensional animations and graphical representations to support his output. These elements are easily available on the Internet which he would have to download during the time he would connect with his friends online. 2 The other child is still at college and has Just been promoted to upper classes and Spanish language has always been among her subjects she has opted for since lower classes. Unfortunately, the other members of the house do not know Spanish.

Like her mother, she is a big fan of music and she wishes to have her favorite songs on ere portable MPH player to listen to during her travel to college by car or bus and which she is willing to share with her classmates. 1 . Make a recommendation for each computer hardware component and software required for the computer system based on the family’s needs in tabular form. 2. Format your table and fonts for easy reading. 3. Provide reasons for the recommendations you made.

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