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Apparently, the exact advertising objective is to announce game players that POX can roved real-time multi-players battles engaged anytime, anywhere, and full of controllability. The content consists of emphasizing the following product characteristics: high portably with REF wireless technology, free and remote links among players, stealth play and easy-to-carry size.

Hasher is a leading role in this industry so some audiences, notice that teens are somewhat loyal to their brands, will notice and be lured by its new advertisement; I think that the traditional advertising method would be a fast and forthright medium to address POX’s existence and capabilities. Also, giving a direct TV advertising ratting the POX with high-tech and coordination abilities, which are values emphasized by teenagers, can create a “bang” effect; these persuasions are hard achieved by the non-traditional proposal.

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Additionally, POX target consumers are teens collecting trading cards, playing computer games, and/or owning Nintendo Game Boy, showing these segments are prone to stay at home and pay attention to new games; thus, TV’s and gamer magazines are more effective and weighty vehicles to enhance their awareness. Besides, according to the marketing research, the specific segment indicates that Attlee mode is a secondary desire; notably that the battle and collectivity are not unique features.

In other words, the back story itself is less fascinating if not combining with new features. Therefore, adopting the non-traditional way focusing on alien plot set up In the small town, the power of Impact would need more Observe the value proposition of POX again – the REF design with small portable device – Stealth Play. Doing the direct “informative advertising” can educate users the attributes of POX, thereby attracting the target kids.

For this purpose, I think TV can vividly demonstrate the features and teach how kids can enjoy those benefits. Moreover, due to the cutting-edge technology which allows kids to battle in secret and in surprise, POX can be promoted in a way comparative with other current game units, such as Game Boy; doing “persuasive advertising” can make customers understand that POX is far exciting and instantaneous than any other competitors.

Using an old airplane hanger as a location for the fictitious discovery of the alien POX may arouse discussion but the main decision depends on the true capabilities and their desires. On the one hand, after realizing it’s a hoax, how many target audiences will truly memorize that is a machination from a game company and will understand POX’s novel characteristics? On the other hand, how many kids would truly pay attention to news?

To sum up, according to the outstanding features of POX and of the main consumers, namely teens, Hasher should go with the traditional campaign to launch this new product. 2. This toy-and-game industry is highly competitive, and thus a direct communication channel is filled with clutters; carry the right information while mix the immunization media is a key to successfully transmit the value of POX.

First of all, although the target consumers, teens are frequent shoppers, sometimes parents are still the main purchasers; in order to retain these potential buyers, the way POX describes the tech for “Stealth Play” should be modified, putting slightly different information between TV, which the ads would be noticed by parents, and gamer magazines that the former can focus on the portability and low-price while the latter would emphasize its excitement of sneak and controllability.

As to main customers, print ads can put more details to deliver information precisely; however, 8-12-year-old children might not be interested in technical terms or specs. The advertisements on gamer magazines should use more images, pictures, slogans, and with some short descriptive feelings conveyed by their fellows. I think the best way is to use the style of comics with distinct pictures of POX, putting slogans and just some short sentiments to be continued. Therefore, kids would grasp the concepts and expect more.

Second, since TV ads might be easily forgotten with time passed, combining other immunization paths can reinforce the product image; Hasher can control the frequency which means it should disseminate less via TV and put some force into internet, for example, uploading online videos (Youth) describes the fun of POX (user experience) by shooting the market research groups. These videos could be more “real” for consumers since TV ads sometimes are viewed as over-exaggerated. Conducting the market research, Hasher heard some of positive comments and then can give those Poss. to the kids who can influence their pals.

A high-tech game unit unavailable in the market, POX can create the buzz in the target market; meanwhile, Hussar’s marketing & sales people can play POX in places where bunch of kids usually get together to spread the craze of POX and get the first-hand feedback, truly permeating through the potential users. As a conclusion, via the mixing tools I recommended, Hasher can maximize the adoption without spending additional budget; if it goes with another campaign, hopefully the $0. 4 million surplus can be used in a wiser way to link the “alien myth” with POX’s novel features.

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