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The alma of this article Is to propose a conceptual model of MEMO (Entrepreneurial Marketing Orientation) and identification of dimensions which affect business performance in Seem. A literature review resulted in addition of two new dimensions to MO those are pro-activeness and personal relationships with networking. MO characteristics for MEMO other than two mentioned earlier are market intelligence, responsiveness and integrated business process.

CO aspect for MEMO are responding, communicating customer and delivering customer value after its comprehension. E added research and development, speed to market, risk taking and pro-activeness dimensions to MEMO. 10 undistributed MEMO with overarching knowledge infrastructure, supporting, motivating and continuing innovation. Methodology: Research method: It Is qualitative research (historical research) that Identifies and describes different orientations In perspective of Seem through observation from different past case studies.

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For MEMO model Jigsaw 10 scale is Judged to be most appropriate as this scale incorporates dominant knowledge infrastructure and sustaining innovation. After integrating these variables, a new model MEMO is purposed with focus on the theory and practice of marketing for Seem. This model is in initial stage and needs further testing in different contexts. MEMO is created by collapsing existing scales and where required the new dimensions are explored through comparison of two or more scales of same field.

The dimensions are properly assigned to respective orientation. Recommendation: Further research is proposed regarding correlating CO with 10, MO with CO and 10 with E. A generalized marketing approach cannot be offered hence sector and condition wise advance research is required. Researches regarding growths other than financial are also needed. A research gap is also present to find the implementation of ME in larger firms. Effect of pricing and placement strategies on decision making should be researched too.

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