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TACT also focuses on markets that are very dependent on technological advances; yet do not have the expertise to keep their products up to date, and seeks to assist small to medium-sized businesses that want o advance their paperless abilities in every department. By providing customer service over the phone and in person, TACT helps to get these businesses up and running and elevates one less burden. KEY BUYING BEHAVIORS Consumer behavior, In regards to marketing, studies ‘how Individuals, groups, and organizations select, buy, and dispose of goods services, Ideas, or experiences to satisfy their needs and wants” (Kettle & Keller; Chi. ). TACT has a research group that analysis and researches the behavior patterns of its customers, concerning how they purchase heir tech products. TACT understands that the need for certain products varies, depending on the consumer, so It creates a personalized “Profile” that updates by using the consumers personal background (age, career, education, usage of products, etcetera, and purchase history. This profile – or as customer’s Pro – helps TACT also better assist the consumer in understanding and providing what he or she need; further helping the customer become a “Pro” at understanding their tech needs.

This generates a sense of honesty and trust from the consumer; further building the quality of customer service. Four Up’s Depending on how many stages there are is how they will be managed for the Product Life Cycle (PL). Product Life Cycles are introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. On a new product it takes “time to work out the technical problems, fill dealer pipelines and gain customer acceptance as sales growth tend to be slow in the introduction stage or nonexistent. ” Marketing Management, p. 317).

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With existing products, “early users will recall the pioneer brand name if the product satisfies them” (Marketing Management p. 317) and will continue to purchase that particular brand name. The introduction stage of PL can be managed by increasing the marketing of product or service. The growth of the product will allow the marketing team to see if the product is well received if the sales climb during this stage. This will also allow the marketing team to revamp the product image if the growth is not reaching the full potential.

This includes the improvements of the quality of the product by adding “additional features, models, sizes, flavors to protect the main market, increase overall demand, new market segments and shift awareness to preference and loyalty communications while lowering prices to existing consumers” (Marketing Management p. 317) The maturity f the product is where the sales growth tend to level off and will last longer than the previous stages.

Once the product reaches this stage, the marketing team needs to revamp the image of the product to keep the momentum going and increase the profits. Promoting the product with new packaging, leave the product alone and hope it will sell itself or completely redesigning the product. In the last stage of decline, the product sales will slow for many reasons, including competition, changes in taste, economy downturn, and trend fads. Target profiles, Key buying behaviors, and Decision motivators

In the computer sector, possessing a reliable and cost-effective repair services is a huge advantage for consumers and businesses. This provides avenues for business growth in computer repair and as such there is a need to identify target profiles, buying behaviors, and motivators for the target markets. Through market research, our company has identified that small to midsized businesses alike can benefit from this service, making marketing both challenging and potentially awarding if did correctly.

The target profile would be that of businesses in need of IT supply, up keep, and maintenance, who want a low cost elution to these problems. Our message would be toward office administrators, IT professionals or building owners that would be actively seeking this type of service. With our target being small to midsized companies, cost will always be an issue so we efficiencies and office cohesion. Decisions will be based on what the budget dictates, and the industry that the company lays.

For instance, a company that works in a hyper intense industry like retail or technology but be able to accept that the IT services they employ must be constantly updated and a continued priority. Vice eras, a local landscaping business needs technology to grow, but certainly not at the same levels, so specific messages must be catered to both sets of profiles. Because the target market could be so large, our company must identify the most cost-effective avenue to advertise.

The buying behaviors of our target market should be closely analyzed properly to identify markets that not only pay, but want to grow and expand to ultimately aid our business to grow and expand. The model does not seek out “one and done” customers, but more of those that we are looking to help grow into a bigger and utter business, and in turn help us out as well in the process. Positioning Statement TACT is dedicated to helping clients grow through a combining business with IT knowledge, cutting edge innovation on a global scale.

TACT provides an extensive variety of IT Support services on a one-time or contract basis. TACT delivers calculated IT Support to businesses in need of an efficient way to accomplish the success of one’s business. With managed services on a scalable level, TACT can help ones business achieve a superior success and attain more via improved proficiency and methods. TACT provides computer support that will allow your organization the ability to focus its energy on your growing business as opposed to spending time keeping the technology department running smoothly.

Our IT support services can help your business accomplish more of its daily operational objectives. TACT delivers well planned IT support to businesses that are in need of a more effective way to attain business success. TACT provides your company a strategic approach to IT support that improves functionality of your business technology in the most economical way possible. TACT adds valuable business IT purport and application development. TACT are specialists in computer software, hardware, databases, networking, and each area of IT support.

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