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In late 2014 Apple released its new highly anticipated product, which was the phone 6. In the build up to the release of the phone 6, Apple used various marketing tools to create awareness for the new phone. The type of advertisement Apple used to create awareness of their upcoming product was mainly Television, the use of Internet and national and local newspapers and many more. Referring to the academic Journal Successfully launching your product: getting it right when launching a new product the main reason why failures occur is because companies fail to understand the consumers needs.

However, Apple is very good at giving the customers what they need and want. The phone 6 has been massively upgraded from the phone 5, with a new retina display with a bigger screen also appealing to the new market called the ‘Pallet’, which is a phone between the size of a phone and tablet. Another reason why some companies fail at launching a new product is poor cross-functional communication. Again, Apple has successfully avoided this common problem because they have great communication with the consumers, whether it’s through advertisement, social media or its keynote speeches.

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On the other hand, there are also elements that heavily contribute towards the success of a new product launch, and according to the academic Journal Successfully launching your product: getting it right, they are “A robust product development and launch process”. 2 1 strongly believe, in terms of a robust product, Apple has one of the most solid products in the market with the phone 6. The product itself has been manufactured with precision and care, catering to needs of the customers. Therefore Apple should have no problems in the aspect of the product having problems when launched.

Another element that contributes towards the success of a product launch is the understanding of the marketplace. It is vital that companies take a step back and fully understand the marketplace in which their product is going to be is also important that the company fully understands the “customer en become customer centric rather than product centric”. Again, I strongly Suffice Apple have successfully complied with customers to gain knowledge u proud it will be operating in. . ‘_. Alls Moreover, according to the book Principles of Marketing, it is also vital t down brand customer relationship.

In terms of Apple having a deep d relationship, I think they have established a strong connection with its Firstly the Apple logo is located everywhere, especially in cities like Loon Leeds, where you see adverts from on the bus to being located on bill Apple logo is one of the most known logos in the world. During the late arguable that Apple changed the world with the phone 1st Generation previously been hailed for changing the way we listen to music with the phone GIG was on a different scale. They were the first company to have touch interface on a mobile device.

This has indeed been a main reason as such a large image brand today and is market share leaders in the market. Additionally, Apple most definitely outspends its competitors such as S advertisement. Apple has done well to build a relationship with its cuss Beyond, technology and software, Apple have marketed a way of life, a for technology, people didn’t Just use Apple products they experienced Furthermore, another technique Apple has used very successfully is the Marketing. Digital marketing is mainly used via the Internet.

The Intern an everyday essential to the human, and thus the reason for why big n impasses like Apple have started to utilities this as a tool of marketing. Used the Internet in various ways in order for their phone 6 to sell, for search engines. Search engines are key for Apple, because when some keyword, their product will appear in their search, increasing the liken consumer to view and purchase that product. 4 Lastly, in the Academic Journal Benchmarking: An International Journal, price reflects a companies positioning and for consumers it may be a products quality.

If this is the case then this shows that Apple’s pricing shows the quality of level that their product the phone 6 is at. The pip price is IEEE, which is a heavy price tag, but the matter of the fact is, the outsells any phone currently in the market, whether its an ETC One or Galaxy SO. This shows any competitor that the phone is of a very high customers are still buying the device at such a steep price. 5 Marketing Application by the Company Apple has a lot of various products and every one of those products ha target market.

The phone focuses on selling in the mobile market and in the 2006; phone was the fastest growing segment within the mobile market with every year growth of 72 per cent. Furthermore in 2007 Apples market share of the mobile market rose to 28 per cent, making the phone market share leaders Firstly, before Apple launches the phone 6, they must establish a key target market. This is vital to any product launch because launching a product without any knowledge of a target market is likely to result in consumers not to purchase the product.

However Apple has established a key target market, and their target market is of people of lower to upper middle class and higher-class consumers. We know this by the pricing scheme Apple has released. The phone 6 prices starts from IEEE. We know that IEEE is an expensive price for anyone in the working class or skilled working class system. An example of this could be people of the E socio-economic classification. E is a classification for people who have been long term unemployed.

Another example of consumers that Apple is unlikely to target their product at is consumers who fall into the category DO, which is routine occupation, and DO, which is semi-routine occupation. The categories of the socio-economic classification that Apple is most likely to target their product to are CLC, CA, Bal and AY . These categories f people will have more disposable income because of the Jobs they have pay better thus they are more likely to afford the steep price of the phone 6. After configuring its key target market, Apple must use an essential marketing tool called the marketing mix.

The marketing mix is a set of actions/ tactics used by any company, in this case Apple, to promote the phone 6. Product. Product is one of the crucial elements to the marketing mix because it sets a centre for the remaining 3 As to work around. Apple has really made a solid product, which makes the remaining 3 As easier to work with. The quality of the phone 6 has ever been better compared to previous phone model such as the phone 4. The phone 4 was heavily criticized because the phone front and back were made of glass, making it easy for both sides to smash on impact.

However the new phone 6 has been beautifully crafted with special types metal making it less easy for the phone to break. Furthermore, Apple’s other product the Mac is one of the most desired Computers in modern day simply because of its sis (Operating System) and what Apple has done is to create a mobile version for the handset now making the phone 6 the most desired handset in the market. Also, another selling point for the phone is the fact that the phone is highly compatible with any Mac via the cloud service making it easy for users to transfer products between the two devices.

Thirdly, with the pricing part of the marketing mix, there is not much explanation needed. With an exceptional target market, and with the product and promotions itself to help the target market, Phone has a skimming cost. It is of higher cost as contrasted with most handsets in the market. Another interesting thing about Apple’s pricing scheme is that it offers no discounts on products such as the phone 6. That Ewing said, the only form of discount is in the form of sales promotions or by exchange offers, besides that, there are no discounts on the Apple phone 6. The price remains set across the market.

Another element of the marketing mix, which Apple must consider when launching its product, is place. The Apple phone is present all over the world and is also known to deliver a top-notch service backup in all of these countries. As stated previously, the target of the phone is for premium customers, so therefore the phone is more likely to be found in A graded cities. Moreover, the Apple phone 6 can also be found t Apple stores in places like major shopping centers such as Westfield Stratford or high streets such as Oxford Street. Lastly, the 4th element of the marketing mix is promotion.

Promotion is probably Apple’s strongest point out of all four elements of the marketing mix. This is because when Apple launches a new product, in this case the phone 6, their advertisements ranges from front-page ads, promotions on the radio and being advertised on television. It seems as if you cannot go anywhere without seeing Apple advertising its phone everywhere. In addition to this, Apple also uses out of home advertising with lapboards and point of sales advertising in main retail centers. Apple also uses numerous types of sales promotions and exchange offers to attract consumers to buy the phone 6.

One recommendation I can give to Apple to improve its marketing strategy, is to have a more product differentiation. The only differentiation between the phone g’s is its colors. I feel that as if Apple only creates one product with different colors that’s it. However, if they were to create the same product but with different specification based on the consumer’s lifestyle, more phones would sell, for example you could eve “The Business” phone which would have the most advance specifications, and then you could have The “Socialites” which would have less news specs for the consumer for a cheaper price.

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