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Attracting consumers and encouraging them to purchase; and the impact of packaging pricing and profitability. (G. Angelino & R. Barker 2013:196-198) (Including the reasons for the growing importance of sales promotion and its main categories) Since a sales promotion is defined as “Marketing activities usually specific to a time period, place or consumer group (mothers and toddlers), which encourage a direct response from consumers or marketing intermediaries through the offer of The type of sales promotion that is most suitable and germane to the objectives of

Realize is a consumer promotion which can be achieved through a customer-oriented sales promotion. In order to increase demand and awareness of the toothpaste and the toothbrushes that they want to sell to their targeted consumer group (being mothers and toddlers). Moreover Realize will have to take into account factors that will affect their chosen sales promotion strategy, which in this instance are the consumer related factors. (G. Angelino & R.

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Barker 2013:196-198) The reason for growing importance of sales promotion and its main categories Balance of power transferred from manufacturers to retailers -meaning that Retailers have more power and control in terms of distribution and the pricing of products than manufacturers. 0 Stagnating markets and increased brand similarities- due to unstable markets and brands being the same sales promotion are therefore more important in differentiating products that are new in the market. Reduced advertising efficacy – and since advertising alone is inefficient to create awareness and increase sales then sales promotions can be used to bridge the gap Demographic changes – can be attributed to the overly increased unemployment rates and the slow overall economic growth 0 Demagnification and fragmentation of markets The sales promotion strategy involves activities aimed at meeting the sales promotion objectives. And the following factors need to be considered: 1. . 1 Product-related factors: These factors include the product type which is the tooth paste and toothbrushes in the case of Realize; the price of the toothpaste and toothbrushes because a sales promotion is either more or less effective, depending on the price of the promoted product. The brand image which can be an exclusive or a value-oriented brand image and the product’s stage in its life cycle since a promotional strategy differs in each stage. (G. Angelino & R.

Barker 2013:199) These factors include the characteristics of the target market that is a particular market segment at which a marketing campaign is focused. A target market can be separated from the market as a whole by geography (whether the targeted women are from urban or rural areas), buying power (whether the targeted women can afford the toothpaste and toothbrushes) and demographics (taking into account economic factors such as unemployment rate amongst the targeted women and the population growth rate), as well as by chirography’s.

The type of buying decision involved; the involvement of the consumer (whether it is high or low). (G. Angelino & R. Barker 2013:199) 1. 2. 3 Organization-related factors: These factors include the fact that sales promotion is only one component of the overall marketing communication strategy, and the resources allocated to that strategy. This will mean that the organization will have to allocated sufficient funding ND resources towards the sales promotion as it is one important element of and overall marketing communication strategy.

Since it is a mechanism that will used create awareness and increase sales of the product (toothpaste and toothbrushes). (G. Angelino & R. Barker 2013:200) 1. 2. 4 Situation-related factors: These refer to the prominence of the organization in its environment meaning that Realize will have to take into consideration its reputation within the environment where the sales promotion is to take place and the activities of its competitors.

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