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Radio advertising is mostly local to the broadcast range off radio station, however, at least three options exist that offer national and potentially international coverage. First, in many countries there are radio networks that use many geographically distinct stations to broadcast simultaneously. In the United States such networks as Disney (children’s programming) and ESP. (sports programming) broadcast nationally either through a group of company-owned stations or through a syndication arrangement (i. E. Business agreement) with partner stations. Second, within the last few years the emergence of radio programming delivered via satellite has become an option for national advertising. Finally, the potential for national and international advertising may become more attractive as dado stations allow their signals to be broadcast over the Internet. Print Publications Advertising Print publications such as magazines, newspapers and Special Issue publications offer advertising opportunities at all geographic levels.

Magazines, especially those that target specific niche or specialized interest areas, are more narrowly targeted compared to broadcast media. Additionally, magazines offer the option of allowing marketers to present their message using high quality imagery (e. G. , full color) and can also offer touch and scent experiences (e. G. , perfume). Newspapers have also incorporated color advertisements, though their main advantage rests with their ability to target local markets. Special Issue publications can offer very selective targeting since these often focus on an extremely narrow topics (e. . , auto buying guide, tour guides, college and university ratings, etc. ). Internet Advertising The fastest growing media outlet for advertising is the Internet. Compared to spending in other media, the rate of spending for Internet advertising is experiencing tremendous growth and in the U. S. Trails only newspaper and television advertising in terms of total spending. Internet advertising’s influence continues to expand and each year more major marketers shifts larger portion of their promotional budget to this medium.

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The Internet offers many advertising options with messages delivered through websites or by email. Website Advertising tied to a user’s visit to a website accounts for the largest spending on Internet advertising. Internet advertisements can be delivered in a number of different sizes (measured in screen pixels) ranging from full screen to small square ads that are only a few pixels in size. The most popular Internet ad sizes include banner ads, leader’s, and skyscraper.

Direct Mail Advertising This method of advertising uses postal and other delivery services to ship advertising materials, including postcards, letters, brochures, catalogs and flyers, to a physical address of targeted customers. Direct mail is most effective when it is designed in a way that makes it appear to be special to the customer. For instance, a marketer using direct mail can personalize mailings by including a message recipients name on the address label or by inserting their name within the content of marketer’s message. Direct mail can be a very cost-effective method of advertising, especially if ailing contain printed material.

This is due to cost advantages obtained by printing in high volume since the majority of printing costs are realized when a printing machine is initially setup to run a print job and not the because of the quantity of material printed. While direct mail can be seen as offering the benefit of a low cost-per- contact, the actual cost-per-impression can be quite high as large numbers of customers may discard the mailing before reading. This has led many to refer to direct mail as “junk mail” and due to the name some marketers view the approach as ineffective.

However, direct mail, when well-targeted, can be n extremely effective promotional tool. Billboard Advertising The use of signs to communicate a marketers message places advertising in geographically identified areas in order to capture customer attention. The most obvious method of using signs is through billboards, which are generally located in high traffic areas Outdoor billboards come in many sizes, though the most well-known are large structures located near transportation points intending to attract the interest of people traveling on roads or public transportation.

Indoor billboards are often smaller than outdoor billboards and are designed to attract the attention of foot traffic i. E. , those moving past the sign). For example, smaller signage in airports, train terminals and large commercial office space fit this category. Mobile Device Advertising Handheld devices, such as cellophanes, smartness, portable computers and other wireless devices, make up the growing mobile device market.

Such devices allow customers to stay informed, gather information and communicate with others without being tied to a physical location. While the mobile device market is only beginning to become a viable advertising medium, it may soon offer significant opportunity for marketers to each customers at anytime and anyplace. Also, with geographic positioning features included in newer mobile devices, the medium has the potential to provide marketers with the ability to target customers based on their geographic location.

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