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I have chosen Soda because I believe they are a very creative and innovative car company, from heir recent adverts of building their cars with cakes and other foods, this shows Soda are very creative, and this made me choose Soda. Before the adverts Soda were relatively unknown to me personally, however after seeing their creative adverts they stand out more as an organization. Explaining Soda Soda started of making bicycles; this is quite strange because it shows the creativity within the organization.

They started of making bicycles and now they are making cars. Soda is a Czech company; however they have merged with the German car company Volkswagen. The history of Soda’s rise from being a running Joke to becoming the most deservedly respected name In the car world is one of the triumphs of the modern era. Marketing communications At Its best creative marketing can have a huge effect on sales. This Is also backed up by the greatest thinker in the world Albert Einstein. Imagination is more important than Knowledge’ Marketing communications attempts to affect an audience response either rationally or emotionally. Objectives are written as hard or soft, goals such as attitudinal and behavioral, which then translate into awareness, column inches, evoked and inconsideration sets, leads conversations and coupon responses. Jenkins (2006) ‘Advertising relies on visual imagery to connect the perceptual with the conceptual, the signifier and the signified, the product and the product benefits. Schroeder and Borrowers (2005) Talking about sensory The reaction of the viewers Is Important for Soda, The vowels reaction to marketing communications that Is meaningful and allows people to make sense of the presented message, to interpret the creative images. Movement and direction Our primitive instincts make us react very quickly to movement. Advertisements with motion get increased attention and movement may make the advertisement much more dynamic and creates better impact. This is important because it helps the target audience to stay focused and pay attention.

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I believe Soda have done this very creatively. In their advert there is a lot of movement and the advert is like an adventure, it makes the target audience watch in anticipation because they want to know what happens next. As we know people have short attention spans and movement Is an effective tool to help the audience focus. The powerful effect of action Intensive advertising explains why TV and cinema advertising Is so effective. Color and Intensity Advertising with a lot of color draws attention to It.

Color makes advertising more intense and can also make people pay attention for a longer time as we enjoy being sauce Dye Intense stimuli. color Is not only a tool to get people’s attention; It also sets the mood in advertising. Soda has done this very well as they have a different number of colors in their advertisement. This sets the mood and also grips the audience. The color Soda use throughout their advertisement is green, green is now as a peaceful and calm color this is very creative because the audience will feel relaxed while watching the advertisement.

Size and contrast Size is a good creative tool to use. It can be used with large letters, images and illustrations. If the advertisement is large the empty advertisement will generate curiosity. This is what is regularly called negative space in advertising. Contrast is an effective tactic in advertising. Soda use this very well on billboards, as they have a large car and have their workers around the car, and there is a green background, it s simple yet odd, this is what will get the audience attention.

Sound The advertising Soda use is creative advertising on a big scale. It’s imaginative, ambitious, painstakingly crafted and thanks in no small part to the soundtrack of Julie Andrews singing my favorite things. The sound that Soda us in their advert is enticing and draws the attention of the audience. It makes the audience want to know what happens next? It is exciting for the viewers. The beginning of the advert sets the tone for the advert, the start of the advert is important because if it is not the attention of the viewers will be gone.

Sound is an integral ingredient in any advert, the reason being is that sound attempts to draw the viewers into the advert to improve their viewing experience. Soda knows advertising plays a huge part in customer’s decision making process of which products and services to use, often without them even realizing, in particular television adverts, because of the vast expanse of potential customers they reach. They are a powerful tool in the marketing scheme of companies which can be used to access millions of homes and influencing people.

The song Soda use for their advert is catchy and grips the audience, in the background a car is being made with cakes and the song is mellow so they fit in well together. Sound is a very powerful marketing tool. I believe the sound in the Soda advert arouses peoples attention, simply because when adverts come on consumers attention is not 100% compared to the consumer watching their program, therefore the sound needs to be used appropriately, I believe Soda use this very well because it is a catchy song and also a song that is not too loud and also the song is very rhythmic.

Verbal taste We eat with our eyes before we smell or taste. This is the taste sense. The cake advert Soda has does exactly this, We know people eat with their eyes before they smell or taste, therefore The advert shows employees of Soda making a car out of Cakes, people love to eat cakes, therefore as soon as the viewers see the cakes there senses are triggered and the viewers like cake therefore they will like the car.

This is very creative from Soda as viewers will be looking at the advert and thinking what is this? I want this? It will Stick in peoples head, resulting in a better brand awareness or Soda. Humans have 10,000 taste buds therefore the advert is going to appeal to them, as soon as we see cake it triggers our taste buds and we want it. Next time a viewer is looking to buy a car they may think in their heads I want that cake car, and cakes are tasty odometer ten cake car wall De stagnantly Ana enjoys el D .

Osaka use ten taste sense very well because as consumers are watching the adverts of the Soda cars it makes them want to actually taste the car as different ingredients are used to create the car creating a sense of hunger within the consumer, and Soda cars could et consumers bipartite, as the eyes are more hungrier than the mouths. Visual is images Human sight has limited range 2/3rd of the sense cells in the body are located in the eye.

This shows the importance of sight, the advertisement needs to be enjoyable and eye catching, if the viewers see images they don’t like then this could be very harmful for Soda because it will create a negative image for the company. Throughout the advert soda has used a different approach to conventional marketing as it has betrayed the car as a cake . This marketing campaign will show the viewers hat soda has put in a lot of time and effort so everything is made effectively and effectively.

Soda has clearly illustrated that every part every nut and bolt is hand crafted so this will appeal to customers as they have seen the car being made with their eyesight. Through the advert and also on the Soda website color has been used effectively as it has bright colors creating a relaxed mood, the color red is not used because this will automatically trigger danger signs into viewers minds. The visual images Soda use are very good on both the television and internet adverts. The website is very colorful and has great visual aids like videos and color.

The television advertisement has a number of different colors, this sets the mood of the advert and gets the consumers attention, the consumers will be thinking wait a minute what have we got here? I want to watch this and it is also a catchy advert therefore consumers will remember this and it will enable consumers to think about Soda cars next time they are looking to purchase a new car. Tactile touch Soda has made a very effective marketing campaign illustrating the fun factor in soda vehicles.

The fun factor is clearly visible which the customer can connect with resulting in customers wanting to have fun which is connected to soda vehicles. Advert makes the viewers want to help touch the car, by helping to build the car because the employs are having so much fun building the car, also when the car is finished the viewers may want to drive a Soda as they know how much fun has gone into creating the car. I believe the Soda advert ticks all the boxes of 7 dimensions used to measure likeability. I believe the advert makes the viewer want to touch the car o see how it feels and to also be apart in creating the car.

The advert makes the viewer want to move closer to the advert rather than move away from it because the adverts creates a sense of happiness. Genetics on Soda Genetics is all about how we communicate feelings, how we shape sounds and products. From the Soda adverts, billboards and website it makes us want to move closer to the company rather than move away, as they are all very appealing and are colorful. The advertisements for Soda are slender than many other car companies because the adverts show innovativeness and creativity.

The Marketing for Soda also makes the customers happy, because the adverts and website are very colorful and there is a lot going on like moving objects. The marketing aspect of Soda has a tranquility about it because there advertisements inspire people who have seen them. How It can De enhance The most fundamental tool that facilitates learning is arousal. When people in the target market get aroused they raise their awareness and their ability to react to new stimuli. The brain automatically interprets the arousal as being something important and important things must be memorized.

By using powerful elements in advertising that creates arousal in the target audience the marketer can increase receptivity to the message. I believe Soda have a creative marketing campaign however to hammer their advertising on people they need to keep creating adverts like they have been doing but using them at the right time. By this I mean arousing customers is good however by placing the advertisement in an arousing context, this will help Soda more because by having their adverts on billboards in major football matches will arouse customers more as they are already aroused by the football match. I feel

Soda have a great marketing campaign in place however I feel if Soda promised their customers a free cake with every purchase this could be a good marketing strategy because it carry on the add and for most people their senses will show when they see a cake in the bakery or supermarket they associate the cake with Soda. How Soda grab customers attention The most fundamental tools to gain peoples attention and to sustain their interest originate in perceptual psychology. Atkinson and Hillary (1996) Perception ability is a basic human trait that helps us react intuitively to outside stimuli that may be important.

The advertising tool Soda use in advertising is appealing to peoples natural instincts and they also try to make their advertisements stand out to get the target audience to pay attention and process the brand image. Creativity compared to rivals If a customers goes on the Soda website they will feel exited and want to explore the website as color is used very efficiently, however if a consumer was to go on the BMW website is is boring and the customer will want to navigate away from the site as it has a lot of information on it and is very dull. The senses will react more on the Soda Bessie than the other car websites.

The adverts are far more creative than their rivals also as Mercedes and BMW feel their brand name will sell, Soda has won a number of awards for their cars and this is displayed on their website, this shows Soda is a progressing organization. Reflective account I feel this course has changed my perceptions on marketing. Simply because before this module I would look at marketing of companies and not pay attention, however now I look at them differently. I analyses the marketing strategies in my head and think to myself why have they done this? Why didn’t they do this?

I was looking at the new polo car advert in the advert their is a man and a women dancing all they do in the advert is dance then a Polo car badge appears, this is very boring and dull, I thought to myself why didn’t they use the advert better by having something to do with the car itself as it is a new model car and include different colors in the advert, the actual advert loses my interest within the first three seconds. I now look at creative marketing in a different way, in a funny kind of way my eyes have opened up now and I am 22 years old. I wish I did this module earlier as I could of used my knowledge I have gained.

I believe creativity is very important for marketing, it can be uses In a Deterrent under AT ways, never I nave also learned Tanat It NAS to one used effectively in order to get the best results. I have learnt how we think as individuals, through our sensory triggers, I have also learnt how to put a creative thought into execution through the tutorials. I have learnt how creativity can influence consumer behavior and how creativity can influence our thinking about consumer wants and desires. Creativity is also a key determinant in the development of innovation, in both business and management.

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