Mass Media Assignment

Mass Media Assignment Words: 672

For the government to promote their plans for the county. ; Reporting of latest news. ; Reporting of findings or research results done by researchers. E. What factors might have given rise to the need for censorship? ; The need for the removal of materials that are obscene or morally questionable. To prevent free expression that might foment rebellion and to exert control over the populace, Governments hold back information from their citizens. ; The need to counter espionage, keep military intelligence and tactics confidential away from enemies. ; The publishing of information that portrays one’s business or business partners in a negative light might cause editors in corporate media outlets to intervene. There were incidents in the past where media reports have caused racial riots and the shedding of blood thus the need for censorship may not allow such incidents to occur.

A lack of censorship ; Parents are worried for the corruption of children (violence, sexual content, profanity). ; Offensive material (racism, sexism, etc) may surface on the Internet. ; May lead to military information being exposed that could be used by enemies. An excess of censorship ; It may hinder the ability for some people to freely express their views and beliefs. ; Hinders one’s rights to freedom of speech. Citizens are being kept in the dark from the current affairs. Leg. How have new forms of media added complexity to the issue of censorship? New media promotes active democratic participation which increasing censorship would quell. ; Censorship in the new media is much more a difficult task compared to that of the traditional media, as the government cannot control articles being spread in the social media. ; With additional platform of media, it is difficult to managed items being properly censored. ; Constant addition of new forms of media to the long list of media that already existed, hence the rate of censorship is slower than the rate of new media surfacing.

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Recognizing the different perspectives AAA. How is the accuracy and reliability of the mass media perceived in different societies? ; In third world country, their mass media maybe accurate but unreliable. O As their technology is not that advanced; o it requires more time. ; In industrialized country, their mass media may be reliable but inaccurate. O Many newspapers and television stations think twice before reporting a story that might be damaging to their advertisers; o will choose to avoid the story.

May contain moderate violence with some details, some mature themes, intense and realistic horror, moderate sexual imagery, mild sexual activities, partial/ side nudity, discreet drug use/references and moderate coarse language including brief strong usages o NCSC (No Children Under 16)- May contain brief scenes of frontal nudity with/without semi-sexual context, moderate sexual activity without strong details, graphic violence/gore, drug use with some details, strong coarse engage and may offend religious people. This classification was introduced in o MOM (Mature 18)- Nobody under age 18 is admitted. May contain full 1993) frontal nudity with moderate details in semi-sexual context, strong graphic violence/ gore, frequent strong coarse language, frequent drug use with some details, strong sexual activity with some details and may offend religious people. (This classification was introduced in 2004) o ROR (Restricted 21)- Nobody under age 21 is admitted.

May contain graphic full frontal nudity with/without sexual context, sequences of explicit and prolonged simulated sexual activities, moderate nonsexual sex acts, pervasive strong coarse language, very strong graphic violence/ gore and torture, detailed drug taking activities/sequences and may offend religious people. (This classification was introduced in 2004) o NEAR (Not Allowed for all Ratings/Banned) – Contains issues that are likely to cause controversy in Singapore. Ratings for video games o DVD (Age Advisory) – Anyone can buy a video game with this rating, but it’s not recommended to children. Contains mature themes, some violence with little or no blood, mild drug use, implied sexual activity, partial nudity and infrequent explicit MOM (Mature 18) – Nobody under age 18 can buy a video game with this rating.

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