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Better battery, forward and rear facing cameras, improved processors, beautiful displays are a few examples of what has changed within the generations of pad. Sales have remained steady, if not increased as people’s need for technology increases. 2. Describe what you see as one of the main roadblocks to technologically driven change in developing countries in Africa or Asia today. In these countries, poverty is so common that often times the people there simply can’t afford the technology like people In other parts of the world.

Sometimes, these entries can also be fearful of change and “Western” technology. With poverty rates so high, It has become difficult for people to do much more than provide enough for themselves to survive. Even agricultural or educational technology is not very developed due to the lack of money. While there are growing numbers of people aiding others, it simply isn’t enough and much of the focus is on helping with health care or education, not necessarily technology. 1.

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Do you believe that newspapers are dying as a result of the challenges posed by he Internet and digitally related content platforms, or do you think the newspaper industry as a whole will succeed in adapting and becoming viable? How do you feel about critics’ claims that Arians Huffing has brought about the death of newspapers? I feel that newspapers are dying as a result of two mall Issues. The first being time, many people simply do not make time in their day to sit down and read the newspaper.

Seeing the major headlines and news stories are often found on social media posted by peers or by a “liked” page. The second is money. It seems almost wasteful to spend money on something that is easily viewed online for free. The internet also is able to be constantly updated with news while the newspaper is not as instantly current. The critics statements may seem harsh, but also have truth to them. Like the text stated, the post came about while the newspaper was really struggling. Financially, it made sense for many to end their paper subscription and read the news online.

The Post also has stayed current with new technologies and Is truly a current news resource. In Dalton to the traditional news, the post Includes sections for tech, media, comedy, and style. Iterations been built on a commercial model. In a democratic society, should news be treated as a business first? What are some of the benefits and the dangers of operating news media outlets as businesses that, although their mission might be to inform the public, are driven, by their responsibility to owners and shareholders to attract audiences and advertisers so as to bring in their revenues and profits?

If we truly are a democratic society, then news should not be treated as a business. In a business, corporate makes the decisions and the people/consumers either accept or decline what is being offered to them, sometimes the only choice is to accept it. The peoples choice is a huge influence in Democracy and if something such as news is operated as a business, it does not give the people, being reporters, much choice other than obeying their superiors. Benefits of operating the news like a business all lead back to the business itself.

They are making the choices based on how the business will benefit most as opposed to the people. Lying, or twisting the truth, is clearly not an issue within news media and businesses could only allow that to increase more. Dangers of this affect the people more than anything. They could be deceived without even realizing it because the business advertises themselves in such a way that makes everyone believe them. In the majority of business, the goal is money and will do everything in their power to achieve that goal.

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