Effect of the World Wide Web on Mass Media Assignment

Effect of the World Wide Web on Mass Media Assignment Words: 500

The World Wide Web has an utterly powerful impact on societies of the developed countries. One of the major debates that grew around the subject and is currently being scrutinized by many researchers is whether it has positively or negatively impacted those societies. This essay will cover two of the most important sectors of society influenced by the World Wide Web; communications and mass media.

The increasing use of the internet in modern societies is a double edged sword. The creation of the World Wide Web has compressed newspapers, Journals, televisions, adios, social networks and many other forms of media into one form of technology; outweighing most of its traditional forms and granting all users an easy access to an immense amount of media and communication facilities desired.

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For instance, Eaton (2009) prepared a survey for internet users, the survey has shown that 62% of adult internet users prefer watching videos online and 89% of youngster internet users prefer doing the same; this is due to their ability to access and watch the desired videos at any time they wish. Further research processed by BBC News (2010) have also shown that 60% of internet users amass their news online instead of buying and reading newspapers, which saved them a lot of money and also provided them with immediate access to their favored news.

As a result, newspaper companies have started building their own site and charging subscribers for the service. The advantages provided by the internet to the mass media are countless; however, it has its own drawbacks too. The internet is replacing a lot of communication and mass media forms; traditional forms like newspapers are slightly fading away. The same BBC News (2010) research has also shown that newspaper companies have been overly affected, experiencing a dramatic decline in their revenues and employment rate with 1000 Jobs being cut in England and Whales alone.

This is due to the fact that newspaper organizations are no longer selling newspapers and employing workers since all the news is being posted online. In addition to, communication service providers have also experienced a downfall in their revenues and are struggling to find their way into the new market, since online communication provides free facilities for communicating and interacting with people in and out of the country, such as Emails, Backbone, Twitter and other social networking applications and websites. (Alkali, 2011).

All in all, the formation of the World Wide Web has linked all forms of media into one main network, covering all forms of traditional media and dramatically impacting the modern societies in incalculable positive and negative ways; it caused many individuals to become very dependent on the internet and dropped the use of traditional media which lead to the downsides of the internet use, from lack of profit to many companies, massive loss of Jobs and much more undisguised side effects. Effect of the World Wide Web on Mass Media By agrarian

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