Mass Media and Foreign Content Assignment

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How do you take them? Answer: There was a time when APT produced top class dramas and there was a strong competition in APT. Writer was provided supremacy and felt proud as being part of APT. Then a time came when private production stepped in and people started working in cults.

Channels like startups and hum TV were launched. It all started when hum TV showed romance of husband or a wife with someone else, it was then it became common for the public to watch ND Turkish content intervened. APT never showed such things, its best example is drama “warts”. That’s the reason public fell towards this new Europe culture shown in foreign content. Question: How it has effected the channel ratings? Answer: It is a natural phenomena that when a change occurs, people automatically attract towards it.

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The channels rating increased because foreign content Jumped into our media and showed a different yet new culture that included a new modern environment, new places, new trends which lower the ratings of our local dramas. Question: How it has affected the viewers of our Pakistani Dramas? Answer: Innovation holds people interest for a specific span of time. When people saw foreign content many of them gave negative remarks about these as they got aware that these don’t show any limitations and are against our cultural norms and values.

Viewers increased to a very great extent but on the other side people condemned it as well. Question: According to you what is that one element present in Turkish dramas, that despite the cultural differences, public is getting attracted to them? Answer: there are indeed two elements: * Dubbing: These dramas are dubbed in Urdu and then shown, which makes it understandable to audience as they can relate to what is being said. * Nudity, thrill and Taboos: Pakistani dramas never showed or promote nudity, thrill which of course attracted our public as it fascinated them.

Turkish content promoted our taboos and public watched it as entertainment. Its recorded that famous Plywood star Dill Kumar has set a rule that once he played a role with a women as his husband, he would never ply the role with that women as mother or sister. He protected the beauty of relations. People are fascinated as Turkish dramas don’t keep that preserved Question: Define any law, if it exists, that forbids the promotion of foreign content. Why not implemented?

Answer: of course there is a policy that exists and disallow the promotion of foreign content to be shown on local media as they also work against our moral ethics and norms but people in PAMPER are quite ineffective. We where public leads it. Ratings are in the hands of public. And PAMPER won’t take any action unless our public take severe action against it. Question: In which way our local celebrities condemned this act and took action? Answer: celebrities such as Saba Humid, Fays Queries, Asana eased posted videos n social media asking for their right as the stars of Pakistan.

A rally of celebrities was carried out outside committee of actors association in Islamabad. Morning shows were conducted where many famous celebrities such as Saved sheikh and Unman ‘Jazz condemned this act strongly. Question: If foreign content continued to be played, where do you see our Pakistan Drama industry in next 5 to 10 years? Answer: If this foreign content kept to be played on, our Pakistan Drama industry would end devastated, apart from this there a point to be noted that our producers and actors have stopped working hard. They are incompetent to beat foreign content.

At first talent hunts were carried out. What do you think from where Ban Squads and Shania Sheikh came from? They were students when they were hired and then they were trained. Nowadays it’s the opposite. A model whose Job is to cat walk tries multi-tasking in order to Just make money. We have no more professionals in our industry which is quite Justified why Turkish dramas and their script are promoted. Question: Does our stories relate with our culture? Answer: we have as a nation have not still come out of the love triangle of 3 people.

Indeed without the dramatic element in the script, the drama would not entertain but our drama industry follow those two novels of our heritage. We have stopped showing realistic parts. Have you seen any drama based on disasters that recently hit Pakistan? We have issues such as poverty, earthquakes, recession but we Just show love-stricken couples and their problems. If u take keen notice, Indian dramas promote their religion through their content. This answers your question well. We need to be creative now.

Question: Recently budget introduced heavy tax on each episode of foreign content o be showed. Why you think this was implemented and to which extend it would be affected? Answer: yes, this has been introduced with satisfied many Turkish drama haters. Basically the investment in our media is not done by us. We possess the advertisements in our media of 22 billions and yet we are on airing 80 channels. So how can you expect even one channel to work effectively? We work on the agenda of those who invested money in our media that’s the reason we promote their culture which shows nudity, sex, thrill and other unethical deeds.

This tax would have a great impact and would be quite effective as it would give our local media to work more hard and stand in the race of competition, it is not ignored that Hollywood is far more fast and ahead as compare to Plywood. The reason for it is; * They made their media independent by investing themselves in following their own culture strictly. * They came up with creativity along with advancement which plays an immense substitute of good writing and good acting. Your script and dialogue can defeat everything. Our media only needs to come up with the creative mind and hire professionals.

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