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EFFECTIVENESS OF MARKETING MIX IN ACHIEVING MARKETING AND ORGANISATIONAL OBJECTIVES ?Through its excellent advertising, company has been able to create massive attention between people about iphone which helps them to attract large number of customers to purchase from the first day of its launch and 1. 4 million units within 90 days. ?Apple started off iphone with a high price to cover marketing and development costs as well as to create the perception of the iphone being worth $599. Suddenly Company reduced it to $399. It is one of the parts of their excellent marketing strategy which gives customers the feeling of getting a great deal. Apple also has an effective supply power, for them iphone is nothing more than summing up different parts. Iphone’s most attractive point is the software that allows the user to interact with the phone with much more ease. ?Company has capitalized on the brand image of Apple which is known worldwide for its gadgets like ipods and macbooks which help iphone to create market for itself. ?Because of their marketing strategy, apple is able to provide valuable differentiation; they have captured the subsidy revenue stream for which a carrier would have normally paid to the handset manufactures anyway for “FREE” Phones. A very important aspect of the iphone marketing program is to collect data from users. This collected information has given superb advertising power which makes a major portion of their revenue. ?One of their key marketing strategy is to installs “stores within stores,” i. e. to have outlets within best buy. This ensures sales will be done only by competent personnel which provide effective customer satisfactions. ?Through excellent implementation of iphone marketing, company is able to show its unique features such as multi touch screen, visual voice mail etc. hich is unmatched by any other mobile product today. RECOMMENDATIONS: GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES: Apple has ignored markets in countries like India where economy is growing at such a rapid rate and also offers huge scope of millions of potential buyers. CAMERA: a 5 mega pixel camera would have done better since its rivals have it. IT DOESN’T FULLY SUPPORT EXCHANGE: company needs to improve and diversify services which are currently supports IMAP (the internet message access protocol), a generic e-mail protocol or accessing mail on a remote server.

REDUCTION IN PRICE: Company also needs to reduce the price of iphone because other companies like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and HTC, LG also offering similar or comparable device at a lower price. INSURANCE COST: The price charged i. e. 7. 5 pounds per month by O2 for insurance of iphone is too expensive for the customers buying iphone. DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL: They also need to diversify its distribution channel by looking more distributing channels other then Cingular and apple retailers. AVAILABILITY: Company should launch its products globally so that it can capture markets.

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