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The marketing strategy of Apple First of all we have to define some terms in order to fully understand the marketing concept. The definition marketing concept is that It Is a process in which a company is permitted to concentrate the resources It has which are limited on the best opportunities In order to Increase the total revenue or the total sales to meet or to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage over other companies and it also concentrate more on the needs of customers(Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2012). The marketing concept is a concept that focuses more on the needs of buyers. I hint the definition is complete because it covers the main or almost all areas that it is supposed to cover which Is primarily the satisfaction of buyers or consumers.

Apple corporation does not have a special well guarded safe where their marketing going to talk about some special and smart ways, which are five sort to say “Apples secrets”. We have found out a lot of ways in which any company can be able to tap into people’s desires to allocate their love for merchandise or products and assists to elevate or upgrade ‘lift’ which is the irresistible power of billions of buyers around the globe selling the product for the company. Even though this are not what we are going to talk about are not really Apples secrets, what we are going to write about may even be able to improve Apples identity and trademark also increase their sales.

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The five secrets of Apples marketing strategy are as follows. 1. People tend to only buy what other people or what their friends have so do not sell products wait for people they will come. 2. Do not be the first company to enter the market with a new product, but make another good product by another company even better. 3. Help your buyers to help you in marketing your products by adopting early adopters. 4. Try ND communicate to your consumers via a very memorable experience when they visit you website or when they watch any commercial of the product 5. Take it to the next level; go a bit further by surprising your buyers or consumers 1. People tend to buy only what other people have.

If you take a look at the advertisements or commercials of the pod, you will be able to see that all the people are energetic ,happy and are also dancing which shows almost 90% customer satisfaction. You will be able to notice the white headphones flowing in harmony to the movement of the owner. What is invisible to you is the focus on the pod. They won’t start telling you boring stuff about the features of the device. Imagine all the time and stress they undergone but only not to advertise on television?? They reason is simple Apple is not selling an imp player to you but it is an invitation to experience the way of living of the Apple family.

If you use an ordinary imp player, you will listen to good music or loud music as some people only care about loudness and sound quality but use an pod and you will feel good especially with the white earpiece. These headphones were not made by certified sound engineers but are a trick purely designed to make an impression on the visible art of their products a status symbol. Buy one and you are an official member of the family or the apple community. 2. Never be the first to launch a product or enter market Apple corporation has never invited anything new, they did not invent all the products they have they did not invent the personal computer, the imp music player, music that can be downloaded and last but not least the mobile phone.

The pod, The Mac and phone are unbeaten because they were not the first to enter market which gave them an advantage that enabled them to improve on other devices functionality and design. Apple has a specialist which is simplicity and And making complex thing look easy. (Willie and William and Moore and Elizabeth, 1999). For example the pod was victorious over other imp players because it makes putting your music in your pockets very easy. The reason is that Apple took existing imp players and improved on everything they improved the design, functionality e. T. C. Today, the pod does not change the music or make the sound better, increase battery capacity, or economies funds. What it really does is increase the family. 3.

Help your buyers to help you in marketing product. Rodents and help them convince a lot of people to start using Apple products, one way they do this is by putting stickers in boxes of their product so that users may out them on their cars or rooms. Early users or adopters are putting their hopes on you and want you to thrive. Possession of a power book was a symbol of status so every owner was proud to show of fish/her laptop with the distinct grey apple at the back. Apple got almost 40% of their market share on the back of early users of Powerboats. Let’s take a look at how the users of phone nowadays are assisting in Apple’s own marketing efforts.

A man said that he decided to buy his ‘phone only after when he read a blob on the web from an early user who tried to make a scratch on the screen of his ‘phone and did not succeed, Real consumers opinions which are neutral/ unbiased will help to convince more people to pick your product or merchandised than your own refined guarantee ever will. How can users market for you? The answer is simple. Simply provide them with something the product does it for you for example t shirts and Apple is also active in the web world their website is embeddable on backbone and similar social sites. 4. Communication to consumers by making experience stick in the memory lane The concept of marketing is not only about verbal communication. Try and make the message unforgettable. Before the internet age before internet was widespread marketers reached their target through the use of billboards, radio stations, television advertisements and printed posters.

At that time there was very limited time for marketers to tell their story which is expected to do in 30 seconds and competition was limited to companies with large budgets. But the web changed everything, now the ads are too much that people do not even care to give attention o any of them. Anyway;ay Apple’s ads tries to make sure that whoever watches the ad leaves with a total understanding and clarity by the use of a tight unforgettable message or picture even if the person does not buy anything. Their strategy is that they say marketing is not all about how you get to your first customer but how you are able to make your first customer to reach the rest of the people that have not yet started using Apple’s products.

Message that are tight are essential. Apple’s innovation is so impeccable to the extent that it creates purchases even before people see it. For example the launch of the pad and new ‘phone 5 says it all. That is the result of when people market for you The experience of unwrapping a new ‘phone or any other apple product becomes a one more thing to tell to others with the world. If you want to see more on that you can search on Google. 5 Take it to the next level, Go one step in advance Main focus should be on the feel in the sense that when you walk into an apple store, they set the shop in such a way that you will not feel like you are in a shop but like you are in a museum.

This serves the purpose of making future customers have a hence to have the knowledge of the product among others in an environment that is both fun and safe Another strong incentive is the packaging of Apple’s products which many marketing teams forget is that the relationship between a company and a customer begins after they buy from you. Apple ensures that the first experience is unforgettable. Let’s take a look at the phone box delicately engineered, added with watch box from Switzerland. The phone sits in a small bed and inside is a small pamphlet that is called fingertips; it also has a cleaning cloth. Make an outstanding package you will be able to earn your people. How does marketing contribute to the society?

Marketing is the management process which is responsible for identifying, understanding and fulfilling customer needs with suitable profitability and hence ends up contributing to the society. (Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2012). Marketing and society are closely related. It has often been noted that though the society can exist without marketing, the same cannot be said about marketing which does need a society to exist. Marketing to a great extent adds value to the society. For a product or brand to be successful, it is important that it adds value to the members n the society and that is exactly what marketing does. It enhances a company’s knowledge about what are the needs and current trends in the society and hence it helps them work towards creating products which provide benefit to the consumers.

Though it has been complained that marketing has been making the society more materialistic, it cannot be disagreed that societies are banking on the marketing efforts that companies take. Marketing can be sub-divided into advertising, direct marketing, promoting and so on. Advertising, a part of marketing as discussed above has become an inevitable part of the society. One cannot imagine life without it. This is because though the product exists in the market, it is due to advertisements and other marketing techniques that make people aware of their existence and leave a mark on their minds. Though marketers and advertisers have often been accused of having negative impacts on young minds, it is important to note that top companies have taken note of this and changed their marketing strategies.

For example, Kraft companies announced that Ores won’t be marketed to young children and McDonald’s has been heavily promoting fresh salads and has branded itself as a salad producer. Charier and Disgusts and Daydreams, 2007). Marketing also acts as advocates in companies which represent the society customers and help in deciding what to produce and what not to. The marketing system also creates competition which helps the customers to choose which product they desire the most and what can give maximize their benefit. It is important to note that it is due to good marketing that no matter how many different brands of the same product are available in the market, somehow different products are purchased by different consumers due to a difference in benefits marketed by various brands.

Thus, every brand has its own customers with the only point being that products and brands being well marketed end up being more successful at the end of the day. The marketing system also enhances the processes of regular timely innovations in products due to which society benefits the most. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without a system of marketing in place. (Willie and William and Moore and Elizabeth, 1999) APPLE’s contribution to the society It is not without reason that Apple has become one of the most admired and looked upon companies in the world. The main story behind this success can be greatly elated to their mastery in managing global activities with marketing being a major part of it.

Apple has been greatly contributing to the society in terms of employment, bringing out innovative products in the market. It should be noted that Apple employs as many as 43000 people in the United States of America and has around 20000 outside the US. It hasn’t only focused on providing employment opportunities in the United States only but has been a sole provider of Jobs to a great number of people in Asia and Europe. A great well-balance system has allowed different employment opportunities. Contracting, engineering, assembling and various other types of Jobs have been made available by Apple which lends support to various individuals and families in the society.

In a Chinese factory producing apple products, it was witnessed that though there were 80000 employees, every employee was given biscuit and a cup of tea which is a great example of how employees should be treated in any company. ( Digit and Brasher, 2012) It also promised to create 500 Jobs in the city of Cork in Ireland, which may end up providing a great boost to the country’s economy and society. (O’Brien, 2012) Another area where Apple has men leading has been in the field of creating environmental awareness. The multinational company has greatly focused on making sure that the environmental impact which is caused by production of various electronic products and their usage is highly minimized. This is a great boon to the society we live in because we get the best products along with the assurance that their usage does not cause harm to our surroundings.

Their acts of helping the environment have been divided into sub- categories such as reducing impact during designing, during production and then finally when purchased by the consumers and used. From the past few years, Apple has been focusing on building thinner products which helps in reducing carbon emissions. Working on reductions in carbon emissions has been advanced to all their products including the Apple TV, Mimic, Pad and the Macro. Due to complaints coming from various environmental agencies regarding Apple’s use of toxic chemicals, they quickly responded by making all their new products free from toxic materials which includes lead, mercury and so on.

They have promised about their workers not being exposed to any harmful materials when on work and have assured to work responsibly. By reducing packaging, they have allowed more boxes to be shipped in each airline which caused great savings and boosts the society. All their products are energy efficient thus keeping their consumers safe from any harmful emissions and chemicals. A 60 Watt Incandescent light bulb uses much more energy than any Apple product with the latest Phone being the most energy efficient. They have also taken great part in recycling which means products can be used for a longer time and that production is done with the help of recyclable materials. It aims at recycling as much as 70% in the coming years.

It also provides free recycling services of Apple products. It is the only company in which each of its products exceeds the Energy star guidelines of the US Environmental protection. (Anonymous, 2012) Apple has also been the leader in innovation with products such as Mimic, Pod, Phone and the I Pad being trendsetters and providing facilities and options to the members in society like never before. Apple was one of the first which produced consumer friendly computers such as the Macintosh and hence the trend has been followed by various other brands and companies. They aimed at developing products which could be used by the common man easily. (Farina, 2006) Due to all of these Fortune. Anonymous, 2008) It is also the most valuable brand in the world ahead of Google, Microsoft, Collar, McDonald’s and so on. Apple has deeply changed everyone’s lives with their innovative products without which living seems difficult to the modern generation. (Indris, 2011) Three Key Areas of the Marketing Environment The business area has been created by three main factors that are In marketing there three factors that in a marketing environment and this is the external factors, he internal factors, and performance environment External environment Factors that affect a company with very limited influence on this company Internal factors Concerns the resources, processes and policies an organization manages in order to achieve its goals.

Performance environment This consists of competitors, suppliers and indirect service providers who shape the way an organization achieves its objectives. I-External environment That relates to the connection that the mentioned company (apple) has with the customers and how they get matched with the people spending power and genealogy that are the main factors for a company that is included in the electronics sector. Putting prices suitable and fixed with people spending power and building up the interesting and attractive shops and stores have always been the good alternatives for apple to get improved in marketing world by using the external power 2-elemental environment That goes directly to the inner of the company.

It means the motivation and creation through the employees and whoever working at the company as a clerk or manager or any other posts and levels. Injecting new ideas towards the working sources and increasing the outcome that comes up from employees would be a good nutshell about what apple does through the human resources to motivate them and make them more stunned and interested in their duties and learning abilities and improve the level of competition among all the employees and managers. 3-Performance environment Is about how apple competes to their rival in electronic market such as mobiles and computers or any other devices that apple manufactures while other companies to the same but with other qualities, shapes, and policies about how to advertise the product.

Political Political forces operate from the point of view of a government, policies that are business related, consumer rights, the influence of government on culture and religion, regulations for market ethics, policies that are government economic, agreements of trades and employment laws Environmental A business that is responsive to customer trends has to estimate what it has to do to reduce its impact on our environment and also to be able to defend itself from environmental hazards. The awareness of global warming and protection of environment is a factor a business has to think about and may have to use products and services that are environmentally friendly not only for safety and environmental protection but for concern and good will. Social The social aspects talks about education, demographics and roles for men and women in the society. To earn power and have the capability to spend their leisure time add to social forces, also with fashion trends, also concern about ecology and health trends.

Language, religion and the view of services and products that are to be insider as foreign are all part of social aspect. Technological Technological has to do with a business influenced by new technology. A business can form a technological change, will be able to adapt to alien technological change by taking it on, or can surrender to the pressure from outside forced when a competitor adopts technology and enhances its development. At times technology will be the factor on how goods and services can be rendered economically. Product innovation is also a part of technology. Legal This talks about the legal forces and legislation changes at the three levels, which are he local, national, and international levels.

Legal issues may have significant effects on recycling, safety, wellbeing, prejudice, disabilities, competitor laws which help in protecting small scale businesses from larger ones and each and every other feature of business passively or with a reason. Economic The economic forces deal with economic tendency, income, rates of exchange, deflation, needed production levels and customer demands. GAP minus its foreign investments is also an economic factor. The PESTLE forces that we thought could be altered in the Apple Company in order to make their Corporation better are the social ND the economical aspects. How we think these aspects can be altered is explained below. 1. Economic Analysis The economic factor that can affect any company is bad economic conditions.

Bad economic conditions may indicate that the specific target buyer has reduced his spending and will no longer be interested to spend as much as he/she used to for the products/services. Because of the global economic crises that people are facing all over the world, the rate at which people buy the apple products has reduced. People may start looking at closer substitutes in the future at a cheaper rate and the an reduce the price of their products, it won’t reduce their profit and at the same time, it will increase the demand for the product. 2. Social Analysis The social part points out the demographics, education, earning power, religion, and so on. In terms of demographics, the products of the apple company are mostly targeted towards young people.

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