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Apple’s marketing strategy is a unique blend of traditional and nontraditional elements. However, at the core, Apple has figured out how to attract and retain customers, to generate an enormous amount of word of mouth and brand appeal, and to build a business model, channel structure, and moat that give it a powerful competitive advantage. The first promotional tool it uses Is advertising. Investing heavily Into this area, Apple has managed to create a large amount of 1 org magazine, and all over the Internet.

The second promotional tool that Apple uses extensively is personal selling. The company’s Apple Stores are home to many young and knowledgeable sales representatives who are trained thoroughly in both product information and customer service. With the release of new products and upgrades the company produces every few months or so, it is important for sales representatives to stay abreast of the latest technologies entering the market. Walking into any Apple Store will reveal that employees are often young and most likely fall within the Generation Y or X age range.

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The employees of Apple, however, grew up in this technology era, and have eternally absorbed these new processes of life easily. Here are ten strategies Apple has used to become one of the world’s greatest marketers: Hire customer-obsessed, empathetic employees when you look at a work of art, you project your own sensibilities onto it. “Lucky for customers, this often means products are exactly what they want because Apple employees are so deeply entrenched in and committed to the customer’s experience. Apple spends an enormous amount of time observing customers using Apple’s and other companies’ technologies.

Protect against scope creep and feature bloat Apple engineers only want to work on projects that are innovative, intellectually challenging and cool, while business people only want to work on projects that make money. Hardware and software were designed for customer compatibility within the system. This of course meant some incompatibilities the Mac, pod, phone, pad, and of course, Enable customer discovery and differentiation through Apple Stores Customers come into the stores to experience firsthand the aesthetics and ease of use of Apple products.

They also get to see the larger “solution” that the array of interconnected products offers. Apple’s unique products are communicated to customers through novel and provocative advertising. The target market was not big business, but rather artistic and design-oriented fringe business sectors and the educational sector. Devise a business model that creates ongoing customer value Generating customer value means building a business model that ensures this value is created repeatedly. Hiring customer-obsessed employees and opening retail stores are a big part of creating value for Apple customers.

Good marketing requires a willingness to cannibalize your offerings if you have a period option to bring to market. Apple has done this at this least twice. First, Apple dropped its most popular pod, the Mini, when it introduced the Anna. Second, although offering unique features, the phone is a potential threat to independent pod sales because both play music Don’t try to be all things to all customers Apple makes a few big bets that deliver customer value and stand out in the crowd.

The result is that customers know what to expect Differences between Apple and other companies It’s amusing to watch Samsung current TV ads saying they were first to market with smartened over 5 inches and staking claim to being the one who blazed the trail and showed the market there was demand for larger smartness. Model but being first is not always a good thing. In fact, Apple’s strategy is basically centered around not being first -?? letting others do the R&D and early market development and then coming in with their own version and besting any similar product with design, applications and services.

Steve Jobs saw the early IMP players and realized the same thing I did and that this represented the future of portable music players. However, he did not Just create a competing hardware product. He spent the next two years working with the record labels and designing a very easy way to purchase and then listen to music on what became the pod. This basic business model has been Apple did not invent the tablet. Again I saw this first hand. In 1991, I was asked by Microsoft to consult on what was their first pen- based tablet. In 2000, I again worked on Bill Gates’ second attempt at a tablet.

But these tablets had terrible Lulls and could not get the software community to back it. The bottom line is, in both cases, the technology as not there to create a tablet that could be easy to use and was touch, not pen-based. As we know, 20 years later Apple put the pieces together to create the pad and finally brought History is repeating itself again. But this time to the chagrin of Samsung and Google. Samsung was first with a pallet and I am pretty sure Apple is willing to thank them for blazing the trail and doing the market research for them.

It is true Apple resisted doing larger phones for a long time based on the fact Steve Jobs truly believed people wanted to use them with one hand and that drove their designs through 2013. However, Samsung Note pallet, while not a huge success in terms of driving mass industry adoption, showed Apple there was legitimate interest in a 5. 5″-5. 7″ smartened in China and parts of Asia, as well as in other parts of the be 65% phone 6 vs. 35% phone 6 plus even though early demand seems strong for the 6 Plus. Apple’s entering the pallet space with a premium competitor is going to have a major impact on Samsung fortunes.

Samsung has already shown a serious loss in profits from their smartened business last quarter and have already hinted to the street this quarter will be negative as well. We estimate Apple will sell around 63 million phone 6 and 6 Plus models in Q and if you add the sales of phone g’s to the mix that are still selling well in certain countries, they could sell around 70 million phones during the holiday quarter. If this is true, imagine how it will negatively impact Samsung during this same time period. Over the last ten years, Apple is doing something different than most IT companies in the world.

Apple keeps it simple with its product line. If you are going to compare the products Apple offers and the products Microsoft or Sony are offering, you will notice hat Apple only has 4 pods, one cell phone, three notebooks and three desktop computers. If you take a look at Sony, you will see that they offer us a wide variety of the same kind of products. The same is happening with many other companies, such as HP, Every Apple product has a different destination, because an mimic is available for all-in-one solutions and the Mac Pro is for the professional buyer.

These are Just examples of two of Apple’s products, but it is exactly the same with the other products, such as the If you go into more detail about the simple product lines Apple uses, we will find that he company Garaging produces approximately 82 GAPS systems that can be used in a car or carried in your hand. From all those 82 designs, there are no big differences between all models, but the price different is huge. Compare this with the Apple strategy; you can different GAPS systems, because Apple will use all their technology they have into one or two models, instead of 82.

This strategy counts for a higher profit, because Apple does not waste a lot of money on all kind of different designs If we have a look at the cell phone industry and we have a look at Samsung, we will covers that Samsung offers plenty of different models on their website. Apple produces only one cell phone and upgrades this phone every year with better technology, instead of 4 Reasons Why we Pick Apple ISO over Android Android devices aren’t right for everyone. There’s a reason why the Apple phone is the most popular smartened in the country right now. And it’s not Just good marketing and hype.

Are you an Apple person? It all depends on how important the following four factors are to you. ; Safety: Android is the Wild West of phone operating systems. Stock devices largely come unprotected from attack. Sure, Google checks APS and viruses for mallard on the Google Play store, but threats can come from anywhere – even via unsecured Wife locations. The phones are so vulnerable, in fact, that 32. 8 million Android devices were infected with mallard last year alone. All APS created for the phone or pad need to go through a rigorous testing process.

Sure, the occasional bad seed slips through every now and then, but for the most part, the App Store is a clean, virus-free marketplace. ; No fragmentation: There are tens of thousands of different types of Android smartness and tablets, and it seems like each nee is running a different version of the SO. If you’re an Apple phone user, you’re probably not even familiar with the word the same time. The reasons the company is successful can be boiled down to six key principles that make it very hard for competitors to compete with Apple. . For any product that Apple creates, the people who create it have to want it themselves Apple’s approach is quite different. The engineers who are creating Apple products actually make them for themselves. And Jobs was the chief “user” of Apple products when he was alive. All of Apple’s products are based on the fact that Jobs represented the al customer. And his engineers had to come to grips with that when designing a product. It has to be something that they personally Jobs was a stickler on this point.

While industrial design is a critical component of any product Apple makes, if it is not easy to use, it is considered worthless to the consumer. This is what drove the company’s user-interface designs from Day 1 and is still the mantra pushed to the software and hardware engineers every day they go to work. Yes, there are tech-saws people who like more choices and sometimes even like complexity, but from years of experience as a racket researcher, I can tell you that in the end, the majority of users are not tech- savvy, and keeping things simple for them is a plus.

Apple understands this in spades and is never tempted to add multiple versions of an phone, pad or even more than one or two types of ‘Pods. This makes buying an Apple product simple. 4. Offer great customer service and in-store experiences 5. Apple only makes a product if Apple can do it better Apple normally doesn’t invent a new product or product category. Sure, the company did invent the first commercial PC with the input. But since then, all of Apple’s other products eve been recreations of existing products.

Apple did not invent the IMP player; Apple reinvented it and made it better. Apple did not invent the smart phone; Apple reinvented it and made it better. And Apple did not invent the tablet; Apple reinvented it and made As Apple designer Jonathan Eve said recently, “Our goals are very simple -?? to design and make better products. If we can’t make 6. Apple stays at least two years ahead of its competitors Apple makes their employees work on fake projects until they can be trusted!

Apple takes serious pride in its work, and in its privacy. Apple sometimes makes fake rejects for their employees to work on. If the project leaks, then they know who did it and they are fired immediately. Once they are proven trustworthy, they’re brought in to work on real projects. The interviewing process alone can take nine months, and then each engineer is still given fake projects to work on for an indefinite period of time. These aren’t Just new engineers, though. It has been said that senior engineers are also given fake projects.

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