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Because of the large capacity of Mold deep collection containers, the time between emptying are usually longer than for standard surface containers. This provides an increased economic benefit, as well as protecting the natural surroundings, as there are fewer transport intrusions. 4 Competition Mold is a global company not currently recognizable in KY. There is competition, but Mold is the leader in the deep collection field and their product is functionally different from current products offered by competitors.

Largest hurdle is competing with “traditional” waste collection companies and compelling potential customers to make the switch to deep collection. Waste Management is North America’s largest waste disposal provider they offer a range of services: residential, industrial services and commercial. Waste Management offers traditional “above” surface waste disposal bins, whereas, the majority of Mold deep collection space is located below the surface. This allows for collection of more disposed materials before servicing.

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Because Mold containers do to need to be serviced as often, Mold can pass servicing savings on to the customer eventually reducing their costs. 5 Mission Statement Mollusk diverse waste collection system helps customers reduce overall waste disposal costs, with an innovative, dependable, environmentally friendly, and atheistically pleasing product. 6 Market Strategies Mold not only addresses the rising need for waste collection but also is a strong environmental advocate and offers many recycling solutions. Customers will either be environmentally conscious of Mollusk product advantage or will be interested in reduce cost savings.

Mold products should be introduced via an agent. Working with an agent will provide Mold with insight into market trends, market stability, and certain barriers to entry. Since an agent does not take title of “goods” and is typically paid on by a percentage of sales, they have a vested interest in the success of the Marketing Plan By allegorically 7 Price, Positioning, Branding Depending on the scale of the project, products may require long-term capital investment Mold will offer products to customers at a flexible price to be negotiated tit each customer.

Mold believes that volume sales are important when entering into a new market. A flexible pricing strategy will allow Mold to work with these customers, maximizing potential cost savings and product exposure. Mollusk distribution systems will be dependent on customer demand. Mold will need warehouse space throughout the region to store products. They will need to establish distribution networks. Mollusk first methods of promotion will be through hired agents and word of mouth. Mold also conducts promotions and industry specific advertisements with waste disposal associations.

For potential customers interested in the Mold product, most information regarding Mold and its product can be found on their website. An agent, with a vested interest in selling product, will be the best promoter of the product. 8 Budget Agent will act as an intermediary securing contracts and payment between Mold and client. Agent will receive compensation as a percentage of sales. 9 Marketing Goals Acquire contracts with at least 5 major customers in the within the state of Kentucky by June of 2015.

Work with potential customs to obtain long-term capital investment and funding. Once relationship established and product enplane unlikely to easily convert to competitors. 10 Monitor Results After successfully entering market, Mold will need to conduct periodic reviews to ensure sales volume is within desired levels and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. Mold understands the importance of customer service and the after sale relationships. This is large investment and customer satisfaction and product performance are the key to success and longevity.

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